Wednesday, April 02, 2008


30.03 was my dearest mom's birthday.
and today (April 2nd) is my brother's birthday
Although he's not around, and I highly doubt that he would read this,
I still wanna wish him a Happy Birthday!
(damn, i sound so formal dont i?)

dinner at chili's.
see any similarities?
idk, people say i look like momma
but i dont think i do!

before the food came.

we ordered quite a lot of food,
just for the three of us :P
until to the extent that we were STUFFING ourselves with it!

dad wasn't there;
although i know deep down all of us hope he would come.
but let's just let bygones be bygones for now eh.

you seeeeeeeeeeeee,
im not the only poser in this family okay :D

i was so darn bloated.
didn't even finish my meal,
but i was stuffing myself with food halfway through.
i literally walked out of the restaurant lookin like a green teletubby
you know, with a big fat tummy.

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