Saturday, May 31, 2008

all the way from BKK

FINALLY. I'm here! in bangkok.
such an adventure to get here;
my sister and i was ridiculously paranoid when we were on our "adventure" getting to where we are at the moment. It was fun, nonetheless :)

I can't update my blog for the next couple of days;
so do check back around the weekend - I think I'll be back in Penang by then.
I didn't bring my laptop here and
I don't think I want to spend my vacation infront of the screen either.

Scrap out the part when I said something like I wanna indulge in their local food?
MAN, I DO NOT WANT TO TRY THE ROACHES AND SCORPIONS AND MOTHS AND .. and .. and godknowswhat! Saw some lady selling it on the streets today and being a blogger that I am, I took pics of it lah - but I was grossed out. cannot tahan :(

I miss home already! I miss you guys!
I totally missed out on partying last night and tonight;
I know a lot of people were there - I received phone calls and such but;
too bad..

Well, it's getting quite late and I have a long day tomorrow,
take care loves!

"Each moment when it pops into my mind;
it's also the moment when I realize that it's probably just not worth it.
Why bother when you're the only one bothering?"

Friday, May 30, 2008

caplang update!

alright, so here's an update before i take off for my 9 days vacation!
i'll still be updating, but not as frequent as I do when I'm there.
i hope i can get hold of a good internet connection there though
to those who're still wondering where will i be going to,
i'm going up north - way past the malaysian border!

a land where men are prettier than us girls here.
yups. BANGKOK & PATTAYA it is, baby!!!
cant wait to just shop and to chill by the beach;
not forgetting to indulge in their exotic culture and food as well!

anyway, it was a sunny wednesday..
took me a while to get ready because i felt reluctant leaving home.
i'm sure you people understand what i'm talkin about -
when you think nothing looks good on you
and all you wanna do is just sleep and not bother.

sigh. tak larat with my sister. LOL
i was paying for the toll, and she was snapping pictures! NON STOP, wei.

so we got to Gurney at around 5.
wanted to go to the gym at first with Ralph and Jessie
didn't anyhow. was too lazy and all dolled up.

charlene ah choooooo choooooo

"best friends are siblings that God forgot to give you"

when being 21 is depressing.

talk about matching handbags and shoes; PFFT.
who needs them when i wore stripes and my cue balls were stripe too!

penang has hot babes!

ralph, i didnt know your shoe can SHINE like that!!!!

then biasalah.
party next! hahaha.
it was so much fun that night.
by far, the best i've ever had in a VERY long time!
photos are still in Ralph's N82, can't get a hold of it
cuz my msn keep screwing up. shucks. :(

im leavin for Bangkok in a few hours!
oh man, i cant wait!!!!!! so excited!!!!!

:) Phom pai lah,
tae phom chah klab.. rawang!
(I'm going now, but I will be back.. take care!)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

If you leave me tonight,
I'll wake up alone,
Don't tell me I will make it on my own.
Don't leave me tonight,
This heart of stone will sink 'til it dies,
If you leave me tonight.
Don't you see?

[stay close, don't go : secondhand serenade]

It was a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and a Sunday..
It's been so long since I last hung out with them;
more to like - I don't even remember when was our last sleep over!
I'm missing you girls already!

photos here are taken by I Min's w810i on Friday.
thank god for cellphones because my camera died..

no more Miss red hair or Miss ang moh.
i feel kinda sad though, i look like a chinese school girl now
but i've never attended one lol.

i know you can't deny it, she's gorgeous :)

bumped into yee ming!
i guess i need more tanning sessions. LOLOL.
and notice the colors that we're wearing!

with Venice


such a blurry picture :( oh well.

then we went to Penang Swimming Club
for a chitchat and just to chill for a bit with Jason and Justin.
Two silly twin half ah mo, half chinese brothers they are.
Always fighting LOL.

then we headed off to party!
oh yeah, meet Botak. Super nice guy :)
there're more pictures in Jason's iPhone though - camera quality
shucks. I want one of those phones!

the morning after.
no make up; just plain us! eh, can you even recognize who's who or not?
it was so much fun; all the late night chats and FOOD we had,
regardless of the mindset that we all wanna fit in that size 2 dress.

i will be away for a good 7-9 days on Thursday/Friday/Saturday
*pffft* my parents cant make up their minds.

Monday, May 26, 2008

the sun, the sand and the sea!

it's a bliss to be able to live in penang!
you want to shop; you got it
you want good food; you got it
you want the beach; you got it too!

the photos in this post are 2-3 weeks old
taken by and [bjp online]

tanning @ bt.ferringhi

of course, i'm doing it with no other but emily :)

Mae testing the waters?

i look so chubby!
gemuk! omg.

a few of us chilled under the shades

an unknown couple chillin by the beach as well

it's time to splat on a little bit of sunblock!

i love this one!

some girl talk on the beach :D

with william the KL boy

with Ralph, the ketiak boy.


Friday, May 23, 2008

swimMINg with MINny

i miss blogging although it's been only a couple of days since my last update;
sometimes i feel that i'm totally disconnected from the world out there;
just by being been busy with the things around me.
i'm not talking about just blogging alone, but also networking - facebook and friendster.
god knows when was the last time i checked and approved/replied the comments there.

coming online again; despite the hustle and bustle of life rekindles the spirit and passion of it all!
i guess it's like a human-computer-online relationship
but what do i know about relationships - i seem to suck at them.

anyway, about like two weeks ago;
i went swimming!

i don't know what got into me;
i've unconsciously built a certain interest with water, sun and the beach lately.

i remember i had only like 3 hours of sleep the night before
& i dont really smile in pictures so here's one for ya'll although i think i look like a retard


we were tryin to be water acrobats!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

have you ever?

i know i've been slacking with this whole blogging thing;
been a pretty hectic week for me - emotionally and mental-wise.

have you ever stared up into the skies,
with never ending thoughts messing up your mind?

have you ever tried to please the people around you so much, that you start to neglect yourself and end up losing grip with the real you?
have you ever thought to yourself; what's the point of even trying?
have you ever thought to yourself; why should i care?
have you ever thought to yourself; am i another burden to this world?

people keep saying that it's a cold cold world out there, and i'm starting to see it. things used to be so simple back then. as we grow older, things tend to turn out the other way we thought it would. people don't appear to be who we thought they would be.
so deceiving yet so luring.
things you ought and thought would be true, is just an illusion after all.
sometimes, you can't trust anybody but yourself..
but have you ever thought to yourself that you yourself can let you down as well?

i can't stand the fact that people will only realize and cherish what they have until it's actually too late. i can't stand the fact when you FINALLY thought to yourself "have you ever had this same exact feeling?" when I don't anymore.

i had enough.
life is not another cinderella-snowwhite tale.
it's more than just being able to achieve your dreams.
it's more than just living everyday of it to the fullest.

Friday, May 16, 2008

it was a MOISy night

i'll be leaving my "home sweet home" for penang tomorrow
will be staying for a week, i think :)
so Penang people, you may BEEP me anytime of the day - let's hang out!

this post is like.., WAY behind time!
anyway, i had plans to stay home the other night just to chill and watch some shows on TV
but it hit me - temptation.
i mean, can you even resist temptation?
oh yeah, it's hard but i sway easily; what more to the temptations of being able to have fun and let yourself out from the four pathetic walls of home that surrounds you almost everyday of your friggin life!!

photos courtesy of Ralph from his N82 with

and then, here comes
who looks undeniably fair and as if she's sun + UV resistant.

two things to spot from this photograph!
1 - MY TUMMY!!
2 - HANDS on my butt! (it wasn't actually, but it looks like it huh?)

me, Rock, and Ralph

get the party started~

some random chic
she totally did have fun; who ever she is.
this lady was all over the place; dancing

there're a few more photos but too bad they're overexposed/too bright :(
like this one...


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday Blues

It was early on Monday morning when I eventually appeared in the kitchen;
I know that I looked just as shell-shocked as when my mom had last seen me waking up so early in the morning venturing out from the clouds - my bedroom.
I would rather roll myself around with my comforter accompanied by silence, which was merely interrupted by the sounds of birds chirping outside my window.

Monday blues.
My forehead throbbed. My back was aching; my legs were weak.
I felt a certain discomfort gushing through the veins and muscles of my body.
It hasn't gone away just yet ]:
Certainly, one would prefer to stay in bed and sleep all the stress away but who can resist the temptations that hunger may bring?

I've never felt so sentimental and so random at the same time.
My life at this point became unison with jazz/blues music, pizza & 100plus at 2.30 in the morning, blinking msn chat windows, and what more, my bloated tummy. LOL.
Eventually, there's nothing that my heart longs to do;
more or less my body.
Nevertheless, the mind is always occupied. funny how the brain works in such a way just like a heart does. It thinks without you noticing it just like a how a heart beats.
Is it even worth it?; I thought to myself as I slammed my door shut and dived into my bed.

Enough of me blabbing.
Im starting a personal blog soon; only for my eyes and a handful of people to know.
this one's too commercialized for my VERY personal updates!

Here are some pictures courtesy of Willazz :)

@ Baby's, Pulau Tikus, Penang.

i dont think they need any introductions anymore :)
& i just realized, that i have a thing for yellow tops now.

we dont look ready for a proper photo lol

emily was still not ready!

emily, me and the photographer a.k.a KL people a..ka william.
& ooh lookatdat, that's my beer!

puffer fish wannabe!

some people had just way too much fun LOL.
and ralph, wth are u doing back there?

this shows that william is VAIN because he's the only one lookin at the camera
hahahaha :D