Tuesday, April 29, 2008

time after time~

i have quite a lot to do today - and yet, here i am; blogging!
i need to get my butt to my high school to sign some papers in order to obtain my original O & A levels certificate. Then, I have to continue packing because I'm only 80% done. Right. I'm having a major headache packing this time; had to pack for my photo shoot and also that interview I'm going to for SIA. Cramming 'going to the gym' into today's schedule. I guess I can chill at night. but then I need to unpack -.-

nonetheless, here are two pictures of my new hair.
yep, it's NOT red anymore.
actually, it still is. dark brown with dark red undertones;
didn't do it that way lah. the red wouldn't absorb any color perfectly, except if i go for JETblack.
Jetblack? omigod. no way. if i had it done that way, I wouldn't be able to have any other colors on my head until new hair grows.

well! i'm moving to Penang in less than 4 hours!
I need to go for some serious job hunting, shopping and tanning.
cannot already, I'm getting fairer each second;
even my dad says I smuggled into Malaysia from the Antartics.

went out with a group of friends the other day.
took this at some japanese restaurant at Pulau Tikus
[dont remember what's it called]

dont remember who took this but this is sooo random :D
i look like some celebrity (perasan/siok sendiri) in action.

i better be going!
time does not wait upon anyone.

we cannot change time,
but time can change us.

Monday, April 28, 2008

tick tock tick tock

monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday
monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday

and it goes on and on and on.
time flies don't u think?!

ever since i'm done with my finals;
i've been more of a potato couch than usual.
i'm sooo lazy to even take a meal - i would rather sit and just daydream sometimes!
but good also lah, helping me to lose weight. LOL.
FACEBOOK [click to add me] has been addictive more than ever,
i check it like every 15 minutes when I'm awake. hahaha.

wednesday night pa-pa-pa-parrrrrttttyyyy!

cute or not?
say cute, please?

i look like a zombie!! i just realized that im too fair.
turn off. yuck yuck yuck!

NOW jasmine has red hair too!

we then accompanied Ralph for dinner at Subaidah


it was a hell of a night!
bumped into so many old friends at Mois :)
made some new ones too but i dont remember their names for now lol.
well, tbh, im still not happy that they kinda "BANNED" me from joining the competition!
anyway. whatever-lah. im cutting down on my clubbing days anyway!

and then...
i ended up having TOO much fun.

did we do it?
we made 2 guys kiss, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

okay. i officially dont remember his name too.

me and shemane

godamnit i look so oily!!

i dont remember this picture being taken.

not this one either

dont remember taking this one too!

im moving to Penang tomorrow to stay with my aunt.
gonna have quite a packed week starting tomorrow :)
and that SIA interview thing is on a Sunday morning.
nevertheless, let's party on wednesday!
LABOURS DAY on thursday what! WHY NOT!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


i want to update.
i have so many things to update about.
but something is buggering me.
have you ever had your own feelings driving you up the wall?

if you do, YAY. you just found out that you're not the only one!
I just feel happy, excited, nervous, hopeful, angry, confused,
short tempered, indecisive, lonely, loved, worried and sad at the same time.
it's so darn frustratinggggg i tell you.
i feel like screaming. losing grip seriously
what's going on? pfft. i wish i know.

and NO it's not PMS lah. stop guessing.
cant be bothered to do anything.
cant be bothered to even take my dinner.

*MSN chat*
MINNY koh samui! says:
im going crazy d
MINNY koh samui! says:
i go sms first
MINNY koh samui! says:
sms -.-
MINNY koh samui! says:
MINNY koh samui! says:
i go blog first
MINNY koh samui! says:
how can i mistaken blogging with sms! :@

somebodyyyyyyyyyyyy entertain meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please.
marko poloooooo where are youuu??

Thursday, April 24, 2008


before I start,
im so so so so so so so so so so so excited!

*joy to the world*
FINALS are finally O-V-E-R.

you can't imagine how happy or how thankful I am at the moment.
NO more romantic nights on the bed with the table lamp on - face to face,
my hands on its body; paying so much attention to even the smallest details.
what i meant right there is - late night revising.
those nasty eye bags from studying and from sleep deprivation are finally gone.
gone baby, GONE. my main consent right now is whether if I would score thoroughly
well or either just glade nicely through the passing line.

had lunch at Max's with my course mates after watching a movie at Queensbay.
it was that new Jackie Chan one - Forbidden Kingdom
Not too bad, I kind of enjoyed it!

i ordered roasted pork!

did some shopping right after!
browsed through the new collections at MNG
i have A LOT to catch up upon.

yeah. i know. i dont look good in dresses. omg.
i tried on 5, and NEHHHH.

the red headed princess (title given by goodboygonebad.com) has gone subtle today.
i was so nervous when i was getting my hair colored; as if i was at the dentists', ya know
BAAH. this is unacceptable :(
even some friends said "whoa, this is not you!"
but whatever lah. it's just hair.
can always get it back to red, right?

sometimes, it is OKAY to be ordinary.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BACK to basics

I feel amazingly happy and contented
I finally get to see my very own Marco Polo after 4 days today!

Gym was pretty tiring today;
was there from 4pm up to like 710pm.
it was alright, although at around 6 plus, Rafael almost killed me with those Latin moves.
THAT was by far the most tiring class I've ever been to
(probably because I didn't eat anything for the whole day and had a dance class earlier).
however, I think I can shake half as good as shakira now -
or maybe only 1/4 just as good as she is. heh :P

and I lost another 1.5kgs
Been almost two weeks in now, and I already lost a good 3.5kgs! YES!
i'm on my way, tra la la la la~

Met up with Jasmine and Jason for sushiking later on, and godamnit - we devoured almost 20 plates of sushi altogether.
THIS happens whenever we get a discount or a promotion going on. there-goes-my-so-called-diet!
anyway, thanks Ralph - for the ride!

I was looking through my photos on my laptop; those 1 year old ones
Stumbled upon a couple that made me miss my uber long hair.

took this when i was a waitress at some japanese restaurant
LOOK how long my hair was and how different I look back then.

i wish i could turn back time ]:

my 19th birthday. i think. or was it the 18th one?
seriously, i'm missing my old hair.

OMFGWTFBBQ. this is classic!
with jasmine - one of our crazy stay overs!
remember the slushie-on-joyce's-hair and the fart story? HAHAHAHA.

i've decided to keep my hair longer from now onwards.
NO MORE bob cuts for me - yups, sayonara :D

ANYWAY, that's NOT the highlight of this post

VERY, very soon.
i've made up my mind; 100%.
might do it tomorrow or this weekend, idk!

sneak peek of how I MIGHT look like by next week.
do check back!

waddya think? long/short hair?
red/brown/black hair?

alrighty, i'm off to bed now.
it's almost 330 in the morning!

Monday, April 21, 2008


im feeling a gush of mixed up emotions at the moment;
random thoughts are swarming in my mind like bees, such a nuisance ):


before i begin, someone by the name of HEY tagged my board,
and if you're reading this, thanks for the advice - and how may I contact you?

anyway, the photos were taken some time last week after gym
i'm enjoying those dance classes conducted by Sean seriously,
it's a bit challenging but funny at the same time because sometimes, the steps are too hip-hoppish - and everyone tries so hard to follow up. It's even better when he turn off the lights in the dance studio and turned on the disco ball. wahhhhh!!

played some pool and sometimes, shit happens!

right after, I went to Ralph's place;
gotta love his house mansion!

the 28518203467835th living room in his house.

watched astro to kill time

me, being a complete busybody.

right after, if I'm not wrong - I went over to my guy's place to chill.
I'm glad he's back from Langkawi now!
Can't wait to see him again :)

some insights

Sucking too hard on your lollipop,
Or love's gonna get you down.
Say love, say love,
Or love's gonna get you down.
[lollipop - MIKA]

the cutest song ever!!
lollipoppp~~ ey~~ singing ba-dap-dap-ba-dap-dap.

eh what if i look like this everyday?
would people still want to date me? lol
and oh, thanks to charleskey for the picture!

okay. cut-the-crap.
i'm sitting for a paper for my core subject tomorrow. finals are somehow killing me in someways but it never stopped me from having fun :) i'm a FREE clown bird tomorrow when the clock hits 5.15pm; when the examiners start to collect the answer sheets. I can't wait seriously.

another thing is that, I'm applying for SIA's (Singapore Airlines) cabin crew. Interview's in two weeks time and I'm already freaking out. Been doing lots of research and been asking my aunt (who was once a stewardess and now, she's a chief flight attendant) about the job and the interview - not as easy as most of you or I thought it would be. If all goes well, I'm gonna stop doing my degree in USM and reside in Singapore for a couple of months for training. It's a green light for me as I already talked to my parents and to some of my friends; I would most probably stand out for my height. But I might be reconsidering all of this again IF I am ever offered a job with SIA. Hence, the hair on my head is going back to BLACK.

My heart is already aching; because I'm pulling the plug on the red that's been with me for a couple of month's now - it has already been my trademark, but I'm gonna have to lose it. It's really almost impossible for me to look for a job with this hair. An employer even told me once that the RED is unacceptable. oh well. :( Nevertheless, I would be even happier if I were to be granted a job upon giving up my-so-called-'trademark'.
Back to basics, Minny. Back to basics.

Oh well enough of me ranting, I'm gonna sound like my mother someday soon (OH NO!).
Gotta get back to the books now; they miss me - i know. haha.

sometimes I wish I can foresee the future;
then life would not be so complicated.
but what is life without complication?;
as what is art without imagination?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

birthday bash

it's the day when Shoutout [penangpenang] turns 2!
thanks to Lasker & Elise, really.
made so many blogger friends from penang through this;
and obviously I'm one of the seniors lol.

names are imprinted in it
CLICK FOR a better view
cant fit the photo in my content area, so i dragged it longer;
that's why it looks a little out.

*jealous sial*
on that night, we found out that lasker & elise got married like a week back.
they showed us their wedding photos;
aiyo so sweeeeeet. lasker looked like chow yun fatt and elise; zhang ziyi!

i miss them, really :)
it's been so long since we've all hung out in big numbers
had so much fun laughing and just chit chatting,
not to mention - GOOD FOOD!

emily the ahzhiap; someone who might end up marrying a singaporean :P

and of course, how can i go on without a picture of ME?
sigh, look at my tanned back.
i have different color skin tones on my body :(
to the beach, anyone?

there's that CRAZY perveeee clown too!
aL [click to her site] (the one sitting) : gimme gimme more, gimme more~

wow. MY FACE AND NECK compared to my BODY!!

JJ and myself :)

cameras were flashing, people were busy camwhoring;
bursts of laughter can be heard..
yep, it was fun!

brothers & sisters unite! after sooooooooo long.
i miss this guy the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
benjipapa.blogspot.com [click!]

the wind made me look bald.

i have a test on monday;
but i cant be bothered to study at the moment.
baby's in langkawi. having fun;
being stoned - without me! how can he :(

anyway, i'm staying home tonight;
yeaps; another saturday - AT HOME.

Friday, April 18, 2008


*dont read this if you dont dig controversies & drama*

RAGE [reyj]
1. angry fury
2. a fit of violent anger.

what's your goal now huh? to destruct and to pin me down with all those bloody mtf'ing phrases of yours? grow up i shall say. 21, acting the age of 17 with the mindset of "im the big boss here". bloody hell - mirror yourself please.

you should be the one using your brains at times. all those small little lies you've uttered and those plots you've came out with WON'T impress anyone; in fact you'll end up destructing yourself and in the end of the day, heck, you won't even KNOW who you are. i'm not that dumb bitch you pick up by the roadside or the girl who nods to everything you say and keep quiet to your perspective; i'm somebody that's beyond your expectation. Sometimes I think back of the things you've said; they clash. They clash so much that your own tongue betrays you. gotta watch that tongue of yours, boy. gotta tame down on that "touch-me-and-i'll-crush-you" attitude. all there is right now is temporary; those gang fights and not to say those disgusting things you partake into your body. this world is more than just gang fights.

you're funny, you know. or maybe i just dont understand your language; so please speak some decent ENGLISH for god's sake. you're asking people to accept flaws, to not compare and to not change people but look at what you yourself said? you think you're better than me? well, enlighten me please because i don't see any reasons for you to say that.

it's true that people say "when you like someone, you're blinded"
man, i wasn't blinded, i TOTALLY had no "eyes".

p/s : i'm VERY happy right now, so please bugger off and live your own life; not mine.
i'm out.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

brown is the new black

just walked through the door
what's it gonna be,
i can't get to the floor
boys all over me
what it’s gonna be
where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?

(party people - nelly ft fergie)

went to the gym with Ralph and did some cardio workout, sit ups and some other workouts which i dont know what they're called. Bumped into a couple of gym friends who I've not met for ages! Anyhow, it felt really, really good to sweat and to actually have a mindset that I'm burning calories and getting back into shape :)

hung out with my sayangs right after;
cedric, vingie, aL, pippo, ralph (you can find them under my "links - people who matter" section)

same old same old "routine" in gurney
food - pool - movie - arcade.

had dinner at Wongkok; it's been ages since any of us dined there
penang is such a small place you know. Pippo's friend, Jimmy joined us.
He happens to be a friend that I know through clubbing!

yups i do have dark brown eyes,
NOT charcoal black.

he doesn't need anymore introduction;
u guys know who he is :)
[clickety click here]

poseyposey picture of me with cedric's cap while we're playing pool!
yoh, i want the cap, with my NAME imprinted on it.. no cap stocks at the mo;
i'll be waiting patiently *whistles*

right after, we went to pulau tikus market for lok lok;
bumped into MELLY!!! omg girl it's been ages, yea?

ME : *turns around*
MELLY : it's me! i can recognize your hair from afar!

my hair. lol. such a cliche;
everyone seems to be recognizing me with my hair - even people I've never met or seen before.

JOIN ME AT www.viwawa.com
mahjong and chor tai de! there're other games too
it's so much fun, kept me awake the whole night yesterday

my left eye is itching,
and im stuck at home - S.T.U.C.K

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


"you look so dumb right now,
standing outside my house,
trying to apologize,
you’re so ugly when you cry,
please, just cut it out"
[take a bow]

my current obsession :D

anyway, i've been away for like a good 6 days now. it feels amazing to step foot into a place you're so familiar with - HOME.

indeed i'm spoiled to the core; to the comforts of home. i don't have to wash, i don't have to cook, i don't have to iron my clothes, i don't have to make my bed, i don't have to sweep the floor.. eh, make me feel better - DO YOU DO ALL OF THESE AT HOME? yeah yeah yeah i know i have to be more "homely" and start doing all the house chores, but i can't help it!
i've got two maids at home; what else can i do :P

anyway, last week was pretty hectic. not to mention that i DID go to the gym :) spent so much quality time with my guy, did school work, did some revision, hung out with my friends and sat for my finals. which leaves me not much time to blog! geram tau. so many things to jot down but normally when i'm free, i would just hit the sheets - totally bumped out!

yesterday was my 5th time back in the gym,
and i already lost 2kgs!
despite the fact that my arms and legs are sore lol.

after completing one of the papers. the MOST excruciating one!

dimsum later on!

one of my coursemates, hui fei

i have so many things to do!
one of them is to visit your blogs and read about what's going on with you guys!

i wish i can live in a world where time do not exist.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

one day closer

alright, so here's the dirt - i woke up, packed my things, showered, got into my gym outfit, put on those running shoes, and slang on my backpack. It's been at least 2 1/2 months since i last stepped into the gym. I miss the feeling that I get when I shower right after I let my body cool down from all those cardio I did. Boy, talk about slacking - I gained back the weight I lost after 2-3 months of regular cardio workout and gained another 4-5kgs. HAHAHAHA. I'm glad my dress size didn't change, you know.

I feel fat. And whenever I munch in whatever food that's more than needed, I feel a tinge of guilt.. I need to get back that urge to always want to workout like how I used to be months back!

So tell me, when was the last time you actually stared into the mirror and get this in your mind - "omfgmtfwtf have i done to myself" and start being health cautious again? So do you wanna lose weight? Let's do it together. I've already jotted down my weight and took measurements of my body and we'll see how you and I both improve in a week-month's time. what about that? :)

the secret?
eat healthy, work out, no late night meals, no starvation, more veggie/fruit and liquid intake.
try this, in a matter of just a week or two, you'll shed weight.
hey, i did it before and succeeded - which shows that we can do it again!

It's so true that to lose weight, dieting alone won't help. You'll end up feeling weak around the clock and gaining more weight when you start eating proper meals again (metabolism, baby). I watched some really gross short clips on YouTube yesterday. Go into it and type "thinspiration" or "anorexia" and you'll end up watching girls that would starve themselves to be thin - the nasty way. beauty to the bones, they claim.

man, i dont wanna end up looking like that.


alright, im running late,
will be replying the comments and tagboard messages a.s.a.p!
*scampers off*

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


*she's stuck on my ella, e-ella-vator*
been listening to flo rida's Elevator for the 100th time or MORE now.
go download, yups, GO DOWNLOAD.
i recommend you to.
didn't update my blog on sunday and monday like i said; was away without internet

i'm still deciding whether if i should return to my hostel tomorrow or just drive all the way back from Penang right after gym and my 'woohoo-weeehee' session at night. i have a paper on friday which means that if i come home tomorrow, i have to drive all the way to Penang again. I can't wait until i move to Penang, seriously.

damn. problem is - i love to be home; who doesnt? ahh, the bliss and the irony of just lying down on your bed and staring up into the ceiling with so many things lingering in our minds.

So, right, I'm going back to gym tomorrow and I'm serious. Nothing's gonna stop me! I need to get all this eeky fat off my body and start being fit again. THINspiration starts today! (not the anorexic kinda thing - u get my point)

it feels so good to be home!

some photos i took at Sunset on Friday night.
was a total shock for us all to not be at Mois that night..
all the party heads; just ended up relaxing by the beach

there were more buckets that night,
trust me!

Mr.Roby with his superman pose and me trying to be catwoman.
FAIL la!

any to recommend?
part/full time. anything possible with a decent pay!
leave me a comment :)

go to gym go to gym go to gym go to gym
get in shape get in shape get in shape get in shape
stop being a bum stop being a bum stop being a bum