Thursday, July 24, 2008

shut up and drive

what have i been up to these days?

oh well. life has been hectic like it has always been when i started University.
course works are pouring in..
tutorial homeworks are stacking up like Big Mac.

going back home to Kedah by/during dinner time
i miss home. seriously :)

i need a new hair do, pronto pronto!
enough of that rihanna look.

donde esta su corazon, nino?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Su Ting's 18th

my blog! it's still alive!
hahaha it's been 9 DAYS IN now ever since the day i last updated

trust me i have plenty to blog about
from parties to me baking
from university life to my dreams

im back to the gym again, this time with PURE determination
nothing's gonna stop me from achieving what i want!


lovely cake ain't it?
thanks su ting, for inviting us all to your birthday bash @ equatorial's

on the way there,

the two purple sweethearts

what a small world!
kelvin appears to be su ting's cousin.

su ting, me, evelyn and i min

our table


it's 120am.
way past my bed time.
that's why i keep it simple :P

Saturday, July 12, 2008


this song resembles part and parcel of my life at the moment.
let it be friends, family and even for the things that i believe in.
despite the song being relevant and carrying some sort of meaning that
only myself know about;
enjoy the song while u read on my rants (if you want to)

"After my dreaming
I woke with this fear
What am I leaving
When I'm done here"


sometimes when you grasp upon something too tightly, you'll end up losing it.
the more you wanna keep and maintain the things in life, the more it sways.
i once heard that life is how you make it and i have to agree.
how you view life can change the way you live.
your perspective molds the way you carry yourself.
i dont know about you, but this is what i basically think about life now.

rejection. hurt. anger. unforgiveness. disappointment. resentment.
dissatisfaction. jealousy. loneliness.

the things that we have to deal with almost everyday of our lives.

anyway! enough ranting.
gotta go get ready to meet up with daddy and mommy
then off to church tonight :)

do not trouble anyone else with the hurtful words you utter, boy.
there's no reason to be plain brutal with them; nobody is perfect neither are you
so stop proclaiming and acting that you're the best when you're not even close.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

day1 070708

well, well, well.
THAT day has finally arrived!
no, not my wedding day of course
it's the day where I stepped foot into USM once again after so long;
and this time as a 2nd year student of B.A Translation and Interpretation (BATI).
i can finally say; I'M A SENIOR.

nicked this off Zhe Rong's blog []
clickety click!
DK(dewan kuliah)foyer
the foyer with halls where we often have our classes and tutorials :)

let's meet the other side of Minny.
yups. the nerdy one.
the book-face one 8-)

goodness gracious me!
it's a little too much of airbrushing/photoshop done on my forehead!!
i know, definitely not the best picture ever but
this is how i look like for my first day back in Uni.
people were asking about my 'amy winehouse' inspired eyeliner LOL

cars parked along the road
it's REGISTRATION DAY for the seniors!

the view from Pusat Bahasa & Penterjemahan.
took me quite some time to register for the courses i opt for;
i hate it to the max seriously
subjects clashing.
back to back classes.

for lunch, i took my coursemates to a coffee shop near Bukit Jambul
sells really good "Pan Mee" and "Dim Sum"
what more, the food is CHEAP!

i seriously like it there,
we ate under the tree ; with greens surrounding us and birds chirping away

i have a confession to make
i haven't had dim sum ever since my holidays started (3 months ago)
UNTIL today!
reason : cannot wake up for it. too early -.-

my tummy hurts real bad.
feels like someone is twisting it.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

BUKIT MERAH. finally!

the desire in our hearts to venture out for a water theme park continued
we didn't settle for The Carnival nor Lost World of Tambun;
ever since our very first TAK BUKA experience -.-
(click here if u haven't read it)
provides such condign satisfaction :)

being a sweetheart again,
Cedric drove us all there.

being oh-so-free in the car, (for not having to drive)
i splatted on some SPF35 on myself..!
anyway, meet JJ;

Cedric, you guys definitely know him lah.

when i have nothing to do,
these are my only entertainment
VANITY and cameras

As we drove surpass the toll to Bukit Merah,
the same old feeling from our first trip rang a bell
it was so familiar, i've felt this before :
the condition of being over-excited
i can imagine myself sliding down the water slides,
gliding through those man made waves;
and pictures of me kicking my friends down the water kept mingling with my mind
AHAHAHA yeah it was that bad!
My capacious heart couldn't take it!

i didnt know my legs are that long -.-

extreme photoshop :P

RM21 per head.
another RM10 for the floater thingy.
another RM2 for the locker.

damn, they're making good money out of this.

AIYOOO and let me share with you guys;
stranger : miss, you're an actress or some sort?
me : huh? *puzzled* no lah
stranger : u look like a celebrity.. pretty!
me : WAHAHAHA! *laughs hysterically & thinks - something wrong with ur eyes?*
JJ (being nice) : yaya. she's an actress. for porn movies! HAHAHA!
me : WTF!!! *whacks JJ brutally*

anyway we got in, and totally had the time of our lives there
amazingly fun, the whole theme park was backed up
with the screams of Cedric's and mine :D

until one point where they stumbled upon a POT of GOLD.
yeah! I'm serious, around the man-made beach/pool with waves.
but it was tragic that the pot of gold is actually BLACK in color
and it stinks. the best part is;
it came right out from somebody's shit-hole

my legs are tanned!
compare the first couple of pictures with this one

they both need no more introductions
i'm 100% make up free

went to some Malay food stall opposite the entrance to Bukit Merah for dinner
we were starving! i could swallow a horse. literally!

i really like this photo
one of the reasons why i do?
- i look young :D

extreme satisfaction

golden skin :)

i had a blast although i remember that we were all completely washed out;
and our muscles were sore the day after.
totally WORTH IT!
more outings?

2nd Year of University starts in less than 2 days

Thursday, July 03, 2008


i don't want this moment to ever end
where everything is nothing without you
i wait here forever just to see you smile
cause it's true, i am nothing without you.

thoughts ran unspoken, forever in doubt

a photo i found on deviantart which very much describes me
through this life,
nobody knows what lies ahead,
everything is unknown and in doubt.
every step on the ground, you take with faith.
hoping that you won't fall any deeper.

getting a hair cut tomorrow before i head back to the island;
updates soon! classes starts on Monday. how "thrilling" -.-

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

make music NOT missiles

make love, not war
make music, NOT missiles.

this is no good. no good at all..
i've not been updating for a week now and where are all my readers? :(
i can't even impact them to come back and check if i've updated for the past few days?
sheesh. talk about me being sucky at relationships;
i cant even maintain the number or visitors/readers to my blog.
i realized that it has deteriorated - BIG TIME!

anyway, i've been away to the island @ my aunt's
once again, my durability to be connected to the online world was very much challenged.
nevertheless, i have heaps and heaps to blog about!
and zillions of pictures to share!

on thursday of last week, we had a band jam session at The Realm
and oh yeah, most of the photos in this post is taken by Willazz [credits! click to his blog]

Rui Yang a.k.a Radius doing his thing

yeah, my shirt says make music not missiles

GURU showing me his skills on the keys

Thomas and me
i dont know why i look so serious, wei -.-


world-renown rapper in the making


me me me me me me me me
me me me me me me *breathes*
me me me me me me ME :D

Bernard on the drums

Hannah, Rae Hong, Zurene
they sound like angels. period!

the emo bassist, Amos

my cousin Nick, who fell asleep during the session

me and the two girls :)

let's end this post with this picture, shall we?

my 2nd year in University starts next week