Saturday, April 05, 2008

of a 10MP camera

stop rubbing your eyes, hey.
no, your eyes are fine.

yeah, it says Saturday on the day and date column for this post.

YES. i'm UPDATING on a Saturday.
this is awfully weird for me;
and bizarre for most of my friends - i'm home on a saturday.

*msn chat*
me : uh. unfortunately yes!
daniel : it's a saturday!!
me : yes it is, i'm home and you get to chat with me; so YIPPIE!!!

truth is, i'm bumped out man.
had just 4 hours of sleep after so much fun last night!
most of my friends are out - having fun and all
but i just got home from a interior/exterior home exhibition in PISA
& went for some grocery shopping at Tesco with the two hotties in my family.
hm. i feel like a housewife!

i dont remember which day this was;
but anyhow, I'VE GOT PICTURES!
had dinner at Sri Ananda's then off for pool
i know, my life has toned down to be very predictable
wake up, go out, movie, pool, party, sleep.
i need to include "revising for my studies" into that list :D

damn, this is a hugeeeeeeeeeeeee photo of myself :P

gotta really find out what's the perfect size for picture uploading in blogs.

penang bridge.
sunset; sometimes we take nature for granted
by not taking in the wonders of it
and to not realize that this is NOT just another day.

like. i know. i suck.

we took some pictures with Mark's camera..
(didnt get hold of them all, so im gonna post the ones that i have)
jealous woi! 10MP and i don't have to photoshop the photos - except for that "M" logo.
the contrast and everything looks amazingly great; RAW.

i know this looks sweet but I DONT LOOK SWEET!
and he looks good. this is unfair.

dont we both just look H-O-T together?
this one's my favorite!

ralph's armpit was in this picture but i cropped it out
right after, we hung out at Arathi's for wine
then my sister and me had to leave early for c-l-u-b.

i might not be able to update on Sunday and Monday.
finals starting this Monday, first paper : English.
wish me luck, peeps!

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