Saturday, December 30, 2006

I MIN'S (sister's) BIRTHDAY!! 28TH DEC.

It was also a day when PMR results came out. Evelyn stayed over at my place for a night.. both of them woke up at 8am, being so nervous and noisy LOL but I still manage to sleep like a pig in my room [: I'm proud of the both of them. They got such good results!

Congrats to Charis & Joel who got straight A's.

we went to Gurney.

Joyce, Nicole, birthday gal, Jasmine, Princess Sarah Thumbelina, Minny!, Evelyn.

Aww I like this picture. for no apparent reason [:

Then we went to MCDs! yum.

Being PUNK ROCK-ish. haha except for SAM. omg. hahahahaha. LMAO! like a bunny hahahahaa.

Su Ting, I Min, Brandon, Jasmine, Me, SPRAYSPRAY (i dont know how to spell his real name. OOPs.), and Sam. this is why i don't smile in pictures :P baah.

MCD's mirror!


Then we went to play pool and foosball :D it was fun!

SPRAYSPRAY and me [:

I SWEAR i'm straight :D u can ask JUAN. lol

weehee.. puffer fishhhhh.

aww us gals.

My cute sister and me :)

do we look a like? [: relatives say we do. she's my cousin Alexis/Lexy.

P O S E R S !


awww. haha. in our very own elements :D

It's raining men, hallelujah it's raining men. AMEN. @ toys r us. LOL.

Brandon and Andrew! Look at Andrew's arms! whoa. lol

Su Ting and Charlene being babies again :D

hahaha. Evelyn wants to be a mommyyyy [:

MOVIE TICKETS! 9 A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM MOVIE TICKETS!! it was sooo funny that movie. "dumb dumb. i want gum gum." lol

YAY. i look so happy, because there's food :D

After watchin a night at the museum by Ben Stiller (omgoshhh I seriously think the pharaoh is HOT!). Anyways, we dine at kimgary's. [:

The 4 pretty ladies.

I look retarded. but this is a sweet picture :D

want some sugar? hehe look at Jasmine.

&& so at night,
we went to the beach.

Jasmine and her other half. sweet aren't they?
aww, i want somebody to carry me like that too ]:

That's drummer JAMES! weehee.

GIRLS addiction = shoesssssssssss.

JAS and her guy again :D
so compatible.


Felix, James and Samuel dragged it around. ew.

AWWW!! JULIAN !! okay i look horrible, and I dont even look like me but so what! hahahahaha

AHA! CAUGHT jasmine cheatin on her BF lol.
well he was actually standing next to me when i took this picture :P

we went to Autocity, Juru for a dinner. bro is not around :( sobs.

Me, mummy and daddy at Fish Manhattan's [: Don't I just look like mum? hehe.

My sister, got cranky waitin for food.

Sis, mum and meeee :D

I LOVE THIS DISH. flamming platter somethingsomething. they actually bring out the dish, and flame it with fire next to you! amazing :D YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY TRY THIS.


Friday, December 29, 2006

christmas :)


Me & hairstylist Elaine at Unc. Alan's Christmas open house "party". if you're wondering who on earth wanted to kill me, it was GARY. lol. and omg look at my sister being all weird LOL.

SHOESSS. I want Gary's shoes!

Me & Gerald with his beloved iPod. [: Told you I look 'baaaah' without make up.

Everyone looking funny and having fun :D

Don't know why I post this up. I just think he looks kinda good here. Charis is a lucky gal. hahahaha. EYYYY!! GARY, I STILL HAVEN'T PASS TO YOU YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT!

Unc Kee leading a short time of Christmas carols.


awwww. zoey is soooo adorable!

so.. this was our dance [: when there was no "light" and everything was in darkness. no hope, no love, pure darkness, wrath, sin, hate.

But when "light" (Christ) changes darkness into light,

the fallen shall see a new hope.

And sins were forgiven.

And the fallen shall rise with His blood.

Every tribe and tongue, no matter what the past was shall come to worship Him,


Then the kids perform. aww :D

The back-up singers for the day. LOL.

The team.

YAY me with Samantha and our Youth leaders Ekie & Frankie (husband n wife). they look like they're made for each other ya? sweet couple <3


US AGAIN! and that's Joyce with her walkin stick LOL. obviously she doesn't need it. [:

Evelyn and Emily. hahahahhahahaa.

Evelyn and Zoey! so cuteeee [:

Michael and me. hahaha silly guy.

Samantha hunni and me. <3

Emily, me, my piano teacher Riza and her daughter Zoey.

OMG. hahaha.

Emily and meeee, camwhoring.

Gary and my sis, I Min.

US dancers. been dancing together for 5 years now :)

Dance costumeeee. lalala. during rehearsal :)

Us four "snow whites" LOL.

I miss it.
the joy, the people, the atmosphere, the FOOD, the presents
&& the purpose behind Christmas.