Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the opposite of woohoos and weehees.

air brushed with photoshop.

i've always been updating about my life "outside" campus;
all the wooohoo and weeheees and late night outings.
but i'm sure you guys wanna know what the nerdy part of me has been doing lately.

no no no no, dont get me wrong,
i'm not limiting my, let's just say, wild side :D

through the past week and this week,
my friends and i had to take a bus/walk to class from our hostels;
not that we wanna burn any calories or whatsoever, but we're forced to!
my car is considered not "legal" around the campus area
because i didnt apply for the USM car sticker thingy.
Only 2nd year students can apply, and well, i'm only doing my first.
heck, they have roadblocks even in USM.
without the sticker, you'll be issued with a fine. got it twice already. pfffft.

that's why despite of the scorching hot sun,
with or without an umbrella;
we're healthy people - we hobble and skip down the streets happily!
yeah, right.

no wonder USM is called 'universiti dalam taman'

panas sial. -.-

had Subaidah in USM for lunch with a few coursemates the other day.
so much went on, POLITIC talk all the way!
i guess it's not a shocker,
for it doesnt collide with what the society is blabbing about nowadays.

zherong and hui hui

and theepa on the right hand side

me? i sat with yoke yin and listened;
voiced out my opinions too, in a very subtle way :)
but sometimes, politics do baffle me.

so many different views on politics;
but such a sensitive issue to talk about!

Monday, February 25, 2008

picture spoiler?

im sure you've all heard of movie spoilers, but not picture spoiler right?
so what exactly is a picture spoiler?

here's an example of a picture spoiler spotted in gurney.

he's none other than Cedric.
no wonder he's called goodboygonebad.
click here to adjourn to his blog!

traveled "home" to USM on sunday
don't you just love sunsets?

just a typical hang out day with friends,
it's sunday - what do you expect?
so we went off to gurney to watch STEP UP 2 : THE STREETS.
it was awesome. totally in love with it!
the songs; the moves; the actor (panas ok? drools)

after the movie, we went to pick up pippo at her home.
right, so after the movie we went to Subaidah for dinner/supper!
here are photos of us vainpots there..

me and my ronald mcdonald smile :)

pippo. so cute can?!

donno whether if he's camera shy or he just wanna show off his nails!

jasmine busy texting with her 'lah-ling'

V for..?

we mixed spice, mayo, fish curry and potato curry.


edited a couple of photos to upload on friendster
will share with you guys here soon [:

*scampers off to edit my blog header/skin*

Saturday, February 23, 2008

last login : 2 weeks

myspace. hi5. facebook.

tried them all; but now they're left abandoned haha xD

friendster? ACTIVE (since 10 minutes ago)
didn't log in for 2 weeks..
but i'm now back - couldnt help it
all my friends are on friendster.

went to get my third laser surgery done today..
i'm happy, my skin's getting back to how it looked like 5 years ago [:
hopefully after the 6th laser, i'm gonna have better skin.
was flipping through the magazine at my doctor's office;
and now i'm tempted to get a rhinoplasty..
i inherited the Chan's family's noseeeeeeeeeeeee. omfg.
why couldnt i get my mom's?
thanks, dad.

i'm putting back the weight i lost a month ago.
but im still in shape : ROUND. round is a shape too right? heh.

i feel bloatedddddddddd. whoaaaaaaaah
minny, BE determined! you can do it. yes :D

i got my hair recolored the other day.. the fuss of having red hair!
but then, people recognize me with my hair color now :D

p/s : i need a nose job/rhinoplasty right?
lookatdat nose!! *screams!*

Friday, February 22, 2008

second home.

lemme tell y'all, i can summarize my 2 weeks in just 2 words : TOTAL MADNESS.
been searching high and low for condominium units;
whether it's high or low density, north or south penang, new or old.
mom's gonna get one; our second home.

frankly, i saw two condominium units that i literally admire.

when mom brought us to have a look at second hand condo units,
i had goosebumps. i dont know, even if the tenant stayed for only a year there,
i can't move in. i want my home to be MY turf.
not a place that someone left behind.

we took a look at new projects (yet to be built),
and we're investing!

both photo : ALILA.
kinda balmy, except for the afternoon sun.
no more units available. SAD HUH! ]:

this one's called Palm Palmadillo or something

we looked around for more, trust me when i say more!
pening kepala okay. big, small, mediocre condo units - we've seen it all.

the ironic thing is, why are properties so expensive in the island?
some new projects by HUNZA can cost you at least RM1.2 million per unit;
and note me when i say this. it's a condominium unit. About 1900sq.
mana mau korek duit?

let's talk about something more fun lah, yeah?
last night my coursemates and I went over to Jun's place..

but at the mean time, look at yoke yin.
lalalala xD

interesting ya know?
this is like my third/fourth yee sang meal throughout my 20 years on earth.

i was curious, 'so.. what is this?'
'oh these are carrot slices'
'ummm.. and what about the red one?'
'it's ginger.'

lots of ginger.

yee sang!
all the way from Pahang!
thanks hui hui [:

after dinner,
Jun and me drove us all to Kek Lok Si.

sorry lah.
i didnt bring my slr;
used T5 instead. haha

i love this shot [:

the whole place was lighted;
mesmerizing, yes!

my friends wrote their wishes.
may yours and theirs come true!

just being random;
heh :D

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


a week before chinese new year, my course mates and i went Japanese!
"hai, nihon no taberu ni tabemasu" (we had japanese food)

ajinoren was the place - it's the one opposite island plaza.

well i didnt take any photos of the food - i couldnt be bothered;
we were just too hungry and the food was amazing..
GLUTTONYYYYYYY. nyahahhahaa!

me with hui hui & jun.
judging from this photo,
i think ive put on some weight right now ]:

i know i dont have the nicest legs ever but,

knock myself against something..
despite of that, i hate my toes.
elephant-ish/fat/duck feet;
just a misnomer! i cant even name my own ugly feet. ironic.

took this when i was walkin up to my room on the third floor;
full moon!
which now reminds me that the 15th day of chinese new year is tomorrow!

so the next day (as i remember),
i'll let the photos do the talkin, yeah?

a pretty group photo!

gonna go now! it's wednesday night - where else will i be heading to?
get it? :D

have u ever had this feeling like someone's watching you?
keeping you out of trouble, keeping you safe
freaky. but, i do.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a red day

nah, not red alert day or anything oblivious;
i know i'm a bit left behind in updating but who cares!
chinese new year night! thanks Cedric for inviting us all to your lovely home for dinner.

assignments, tests and presentations are starting to pour in;
making me feel morbid sometimes..
but to be honest, i've been spending more time out campus rather than rotting inside
which makes me feel mortal again :D
believe me, there're changes that i wana make to my blog
but time is suppressing me.

here's my last wish for chinese new year, this year.
may prosperity bloom in your business/homes like the flowers during spring time.

okayyyy enough of me blabbing
here're a few photos from the first day of cny @ cedric's.

SCBONE's hairless leg.
omfg, yeah, i know.
i'm jealous too ya know :D

then, we adjourn to some camwhoring sessions as usual.

me & radius.

family portrait eh? merah merah! amboi.

she's so adorable!

mike and myself;

lovely emily and me

also caught some NON-HALAL sessions on cam.

tangkap basah :D

i know, i look completely normal;
but look at the guys!


another shot
i love this picture much!

some of us

there're more photos but not in my cam though ]:
i need to go get a haircut and go back to gym.
i feel.., let's just say dysfunctional physically - looks wise.

Monday, February 11, 2008



in other words, chinese new year :)
yups. minny wishes you a very happy chinese new year.
may this year be a more promising, prosperous and auspicious year
for you dear readers out there.
may your 'ang pows' be overflowing with big notes;
overlapping last year's amount by at least twice as much.

i'm sorry i couldn't update for a week plus.
went back home and i couldn't get online,
but believe me, i have so much to post up, so much to write about.
so much to share with you lovely 'stalkers' out there! :D

well yeah, felt like a turd
when i couldn't get access to the internet for a week!


3 days before cny, getting me hair done!

chinese new year eve.
queensbay mall.

this shows that chinese people dominates the business world.

first day of chinese new year was a blast;
went over to my relatives' place
then off to my friend's place for a small get together with ex school mates!
some of us changed physically! like whoaaa
well yeah, chinese new year is all about REUNION.
getting together.
being grateful for everything you have.
besides gambling, that is ;p

us girls.
i still cherish those old high school times
yup yup!

meet alice.

yean hang a.k.a henry a.k.a kingkong a.k.a 503 a.k.a nono
so many more names. laaadeeeda.
but i choose not to reveal else i'll be slaughtered alive

this is pei fung.
he's now in an army school

the hostess! see ying.
thanks for welcoming us all to your home!

notice anything similar?
hahaha. we have the same hair!

one of my craziest, most noisiest buddy.
through thick and thin. yes.

we're high school friends, and now we're UNI mates!

babydoll karen
pretty as ever!

grace, karen, see ying, cammy and myself

all of us!
miss you guys already :(