Wednesday, April 16, 2008

brown is the new black

just walked through the door
what's it gonna be,
i can't get to the floor
boys all over me
what it’s gonna be
where my party, pa’ party party pa’ party people at?

(party people - nelly ft fergie)

went to the gym with Ralph and did some cardio workout, sit ups and some other workouts which i dont know what they're called. Bumped into a couple of gym friends who I've not met for ages! Anyhow, it felt really, really good to sweat and to actually have a mindset that I'm burning calories and getting back into shape :)

hung out with my sayangs right after;
cedric, vingie, aL, pippo, ralph (you can find them under my "links - people who matter" section)

same old same old "routine" in gurney
food - pool - movie - arcade.

had dinner at Wongkok; it's been ages since any of us dined there
penang is such a small place you know. Pippo's friend, Jimmy joined us.
He happens to be a friend that I know through clubbing!

yups i do have dark brown eyes,
NOT charcoal black.
he doesn't need anymore introduction;
u guys know who he is :)
[clickety click here]

poseyposey picture of me with cedric's cap while we're playing pool!
yoh, i want the cap, with my NAME imprinted on it.. no cap stocks at the mo;
i'll be waiting patiently *whistles*

right after, we went to pulau tikus market for lok lok;
bumped into MELLY!!! omg girl it's been ages, yea?

ME : *turns around*
MELLY : it's me! i can recognize your hair from afar!

my hair. lol. such a cliche;
everyone seems to be recognizing me with my hair - even people I've never met or seen before.

mahjong and chor tai de! there're other games too
it's so much fun, kept me awake the whole night yesterday

my left eye is itching,
and im stuck at home - S.T.U.C.K

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