Thursday, April 03, 2008

boring thursday.

Had dinner with Mark, Ralph and sis yesterday.
played some pool at Gurney,
then off to Arathi's for wine :)
as usual; it was Ladies Night last night ye,
so sis and me left early and headed to you-know-where!
will update more bout it when i get those pictures from a 10MP camera owner.

let's talk bout today!
whoa! been sleeping the whole day man.
talk about being lazy..
but i got up at around 4 to restock on my shampoo
back to bed after that until 7 plus;
had dinner and had a long talk with mom right after.

random ;p
took this like a couple of weeks ago

ralph's "ketiak"

got my hair recolored yesterday - even more RED now.
with a little orange in it; hairdresser dyed it without my consent!
that's like,.. RAPING.

anyway, i pampered myself today.
how long did i spend doing that?
2 hours.

removed the red nail polish on my toenails.
gave myself a pedicure.
scrubbed myself with Body Shop's strawberry scrub *yum yum*
did a hair mask and conditioned my hair; *vavavooooom*,
and moisturized my whole body;
whoa. it's a girl's thing, really.
played some piano, and here i am! ONLINE.

became a victim to my boredom;
i'm sorry i broke your nail the other day! lol.
or just click here lah [click]

please dont get shocked la,
you're gonna see pictures of me WITHOUT make up on.
i mean, come on. how rare it is to see pictures of me without make up.

.candid moments.

he took this without me knowing!
heck, i look like i was doing aerobics!

and i took this without HIM knowing :D
boreddddddddd. im bored! still bored; YES.

im bored! i wanna play yahoogames. NOW!

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