Wednesday, June 25, 2008


sounds like fun doesn't it?
TWO water theme parks in a day! wow!
imagine how much "fun" Cedric, Sam, JJ and I had today!
please disregard the way I blog today; I know it's kinda messy
I'm still ill though :(

I don't have much photos because I left my handphone and camera at home
and the pictures are with both Cedric and JJ - they're offline now on msn!
so the pictures here i stole it from both their blogs.

being a sweetheart, Cedric drove all of us to Sungai Petani
Our first destination - THE CARNIVAL!
punyalah excited sial.
Although I had a horrible headache, I managed to crawl out of bed to go crazy in some water theme park!
No one knew the way there so we trusted Cedric's intuition. :P

are we there yet?
are we there yet??
are we there yet???
we were all so darn excited ;
just like when a fat boy is being offered a cake!

WE WERE SOOOOOO HAPPY until the extent that when we reached the entrance
I asked "EH, ya'all dont wanna stop and take pictures of the entrance?"
you should see how Cedric put a halt to his car - emergency brake style
i almost puked and died in the car.


all those excitement and my effort getting out of bed when I'm ill! argh!
what more, it's such a disgrace that the website said the
themepark is closed every wednesday for maintenance or something.
but HELLO? it's tuesday, and it's closed?
GOD. where are their brains?
(i know ya'll can imagine the look on cedric's face when we found out it wasnt opened. lol)

angel in disguise, cedric, drove us all to Bukit Merah!!!!
so okaylah. all of us managed to calm down~
and i was going on and on about the rides there!

we were literally dancing in joy when we surpass the toll to bukit merah. period!
SO HAPPY. i cannot even describe how excited and happy we all were lol.

dumdeedum. we walked in. "i cant wait. i cant wait!!!"

TAK BUKA!!!!!!

fuh fuh fuh fuh.
breathe in. breathe out.
breathe in. breathe out.

this is what we did anyway. bought duck food to feed the ducks there

it was fun! i screamed a whole lot and even shocked the guards there with it
they thought we drowned or our boats got stuck somewhere;
but to his surprise, i screamed because DUCKS WERE ATTACKING US!
hahahahaha it was sooooooooo funny.
(a proper update with lots of nicer pictures soon, i promise)

went to tambun and had yummylicious seafood.
and btw, you can proceed to Cedric's blog (click) and
JJ's (click) to read about their rants on this trip too.
nevertheless, we HAD FUN!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm not ashamed

I found You in the most unlikely way
But really it was You who found me
And I found myself in the gifts that You gave
You gave me so much.
And I watch as the cold winter melts into spring
And I'll be remembering You
Oh and I'll smell the flowers and hear the birds sing
and I'll be remembering You, I'll be remembering You

[Remembering You - Steven Curtis Chapman]

as minutes and hours tick by;
the sun and the moon take their turns to rule the sky.
as my heart keeps beating,
my faith in Him keeps growing;
as He told me that it is never too late to turn away,
and set my heart right to walk with Him again, everyday.
by minny [1.32AM June 24th 2008]

having a really bad headache at the mo.
will be updating with pictures soon.
woohooo :D
im so gonna get tanned for real now

Saturday, June 21, 2008

of random days!

okayyyy here's the long awaited update!
i've been staying in my aunt's place for a couple of days now
been going out a lot, wasting my time doing absolutely nothing
except contributing to our country's economical cycle.

other than that, my life is taking a huge turn at the moment;
i'm trying to change - and by faith, i'm gonna walk a whole different path.
found a whole new meaning to life now :)
from the inside out.

at this moment, the car is still moving!
but highway sajalah.
talk about multitasking! :D

my mom got admitted into Gleneagles like a week or two back
had an eye op; and stayed there for two nights.
3 roses; but it's the heart that counts right?!
thanks to those who visited my mom at the hospital :)
it made her day, seriously.

met up with Jason and Ralph for a regular chill out session later on at PSC

played monopoly for HOURS!

what's the tissue for? LOL
something fun happened.
but i promised to keep it in the 4 walls of PSC -.-

with Jason
please ignore the weird "water"marks on the picture
i think it's my dirty camera lens

a few other shots from another night

failed attempt to jump hahaha

meet the sisterssss!! woohooo ahhahaa

haiya, just admit it
no one jumps like me
flawless; like a dove. LOL

Monday, June 16, 2008

just for me to know and for you to figure out.

we might not have noticed, but
no, it's not supposed to be this way.


Sunday, June 15, 2008


and so, my bangkok post has come to an end (hooray?)
anyhow, i feel a tinge of guilt for not being as active as i was in the blogosphere

it's father's day today, so i'm taking this opportunity to wish each and every father out there;
especially my dad.
:) i know that you've been through so much to provide for the family,
sometimes you would rather carry all the weight on your shoulder just to see us happy.
i know that i've been ignorant towards your advice sometimes,
and may cause you to worry so much about me with my slightly rebellious attitude.
you're always trying to cheer me up when i'm upset,
tell me - where else can i find some one to replace you?
i love you daddy! ♥

alrighty, back to siam.
fact #1 - i put on weight during my bangkok trip NYAHAHHAA
look at how bloated my face was!
fact #2 - it's a shame that i dont quite remember the name of the places we went to :( my bad!


i look so sleepy and like i had an overdose - of FOOD.
anyway, we had brunch at some Thai stall by the road side,
it looked like "koay teow thng" but tasted way better!

u see what i mean when i told you i had an overdose of food in bangkok?! -.-

i love this photo, although my dad can't really pose

we went to central world shopping mall
walked quite a lot that day as i can remember.
i kinda dig the phrase on the billboard there "no matter what, it is our life!"

multi-story roads?
1 & 2 is for the trains
3 is for the pedestrians
4 is the main road

this is taken directly opposite central world
look at the colorful taxis! how cute! :)

another means of transportation
by boat. WAY cheaper but the river's so darn stinky and polluted!!!!

and so, we went on a couple of tut-tuts, and continued walking.
and we walked. and walked. and walked. and walked.
until our legs couldn't take it anymore.

when the sun retired and the moon got back to work,
we walked ourselves through a typical night life street!
saw a bunch of bars, pubs, massage parlors and such
it wasn't a weird scene to see a tourist holding hands with a local Thai girl (they're paid to like bring those tourists around and to you-know-i-know-lah)
it was actually gross because those Thai girls and trans-genders were obviously selling their bodies until an extent where they were dragging on your shirt and squatting in a very obscene yet alluring position while saying
"sir.. what can i do for you tonight"
EEEEEEEEEE *freaks out*

DAY 5/6
i started to feel homesick. seriously.

went for lunch at a 'floating' restaurant again; haha
actually it rained quite heavily the night before
and it flooded - ankle deep!


later on, we went to Chatuchak Market or more well known as the "JJ Weekend Market"
walked through a really pretty park :)

@ Chatuchak Weekend Market
bargains EVERYWHERE.
man, i wish i can like go to Bangkok every month or so to restock on my clothings.
anyway, i was buying this i-donno-what's-it-called Thai delicacy
it's wrapped in a leaf, with peanuts and such in it
it's really good!

we went back to Siam Paragon later on

cannot afford to shop in Versace,
so we took pictures instead lol


i am soooooooo glad that my parents decided to take the plane home
the train ride was just ridiculous!!!
oh my penang, how i miss thee!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


i know ive kept you readers awaiting for this post for too long;
i'm sorry - there's just a lot going on for the past couple of days.
my mom just got discharged from Gleneagles Medical Centre this noon after an operation.
no worries though, everything went on smoothly :)

back to my Bangkok trip!
this post highlights day 2 and 3 of it,
i just wanna get over and done with it; about 15+ photos i think lol.
so let the photos load for 2 secs, and start reading!


family photo - without my brother who's in sabah :(
off to SIAM Paragon!
everything is way too expensive there;
luxury items - branded goods.

Siam Popiah?

this one's my favorite though i have no idea what's it called!
sweet and crunchy at the same time :)
just plain YUMMMMEHHH!

you can't say you've been to thailand without riding on their tut tuts!

i remember walkin from street to street,
from one BTS station to another;
from one shopping complex to two other across the road.
what more could be more blissful than a 1 hour thai foot & shoulder massage!!!!
ONLY 129 baht! ish. so addictive.


had this for breakfast!
"koay chiap". pretty good stuff;
you can even add sugar and salt and chili powder to it!

from Huay Hwang station
took the train to godamnit-i-dont-remember-the-name-of-the-place

ooo market market!
"come madam. come see. fresh! only 10baht!
very nice."

after about 30 minutes -1 hour walk around that area,
our tummies started to grumble!
thank goodness there was a food stall in the market area
so we stopped by for a bite!

my "grape juice"?

it was such a hard thing trying to communicate with the Thai people
especially when they speak so little english
and the only sentences i know in Thai is "sawadeeka" (hello)
and "ka khun ka" (thank you) lol.

I wanted to order Grape Juice and i ended up pointing north-south-east-west
and she still didnt get the point...
but she served me something beautiful :P
a drink that matches my green top!!!!

one of them Thai delicacies.

on our way to chinatown!
have u ever wondered;
why does almost every country in the world have a place called chinatown?

i look SO tired; that's cuz we did some serious shopping and walking that day!
couldnt stop buying!
i wanna go back there n buy somemore!!!!!

my legs were so sore from all that walking;
thank God that uncle Alan came to the rescue
picked us up for dinner near Hwai Hwang or something
a floating thai restaurant with a live jazz band!
AWESOME ain't it :)

part of the restaurant
i was too sore to get up and snap photos of it lol

and it's gooooooooooooooood

nothing beats the taste of this baby!

Monday, June 09, 2008


yes ka, im back from bangkok ka.
here's the first part of my trip ka! :)
lol im very much siam-fied!

anyway, our mode of transportation is pretty "extravagant" and shocking at the same time.
parents decided to travel by TRAIN. ohmygoodness.
a 20 hour shaky choo-choo ride all the way to Bangkok.
it was such a waste of time; despite it being an experience that i would totally embed in my mind for years to come!
that train ride is my first and definitely my last.
you know, God was being brutal that day;
our train broke down and we were stuck in that train for more than 24 hours!!!!

Bukit Mertajam train station

seats are meant for two but my sister and i bunked in with my parents for dinner.
i realized that i look so different now and then - must be the hair!

my sister got really paranoid; LOL
we slept in the train obviously (duh), but not in a seated position
they have bunk beds that can be stretched out from the seats!
divided into the lower and upper bunk,
my sister and i made the upper decks our crib for the night.

i remember waking up several times that night; heard Thai people murmuring in their mother tongue and what more i was sleep deprived due to the bumpiness of the train. My phone kept ringing; it was Friday night that day.
Friends were looking for me and Steven,
sorry that I coundn't make it to your birthday party at SS!

FINALLY! we arrived in bangkok at 1430 BKK time
which was 1530 malaysian time.
look at them people sitting around waiting for their train ride.
i saw a few leaning against the wall in a seated position, completely dozed off!

this was taken somewhere near where we lived;
thanks uncle Alan for offering us all a roof on our heads during our visit;
not to mention the hospitality that you've provided!

argh. the cost for 1 litre of petrol.
approximately RM4 in thailand;
i guess we malaysians are still lucky for just having to pay RM2.70 per litre.
I'm totally unhappy with the hike in our petrol price,
but i guess it's a world wide economy thing.

headed of to some night market near Bangna.
this one really caught my eye. :D
moths, lizards, grasshoppers, worms, etc etc and god-knows-what.

appetizing enough?
lol. i almost puked.
gonna puke if i stare longer at this picture;
WILL NEVER EVER EVER in my life put a roach in my mouth!

well i need to make a shout out here to a couple of people here
please shift your "care" towards your own children or spouse or relatives and not me
stop interfering with mine and blabbing things that may cause havoc
it's my life anyway, do i even need your consent? - NO.
are we even connected? - NO.
do i need you to manage my life? - NO.

SO, i'm being nice here, i dont need nobody to tell me what to do in life
especially from people who dont know what they're up to sometimes.
it's my own life, i sow what i reap.
besides, who are you to judge me?
stop acting like you know everything when you don't.
bugger off. thanks :)