Tuesday, April 15, 2008


"you look so dumb right now,
standing outside my house,
trying to apologize,
you’re so ugly when you cry,
please, just cut it out"
[take a bow]

my current obsession :D

anyway, i've been away for like a good 6 days now. it feels amazing to step foot into a place you're so familiar with - HOME.

indeed i'm spoiled to the core; to the comforts of home. i don't have to wash, i don't have to cook, i don't have to iron my clothes, i don't have to make my bed, i don't have to sweep the floor.. eh, make me feel better - DO YOU DO ALL OF THESE AT HOME? yeah yeah yeah i know i have to be more "homely" and start doing all the house chores, but i can't help it!
i've got two maids at home; what else can i do :P

anyway, last week was pretty hectic. not to mention that i DID go to the gym :) spent so much quality time with my guy, did school work, did some revision, hung out with my friends and sat for my finals. which leaves me not much time to blog! geram tau. so many things to jot down but normally when i'm free, i would just hit the sheets - totally bumped out!

yesterday was my 5th time back in the gym,
and i already lost 2kgs!
despite the fact that my arms and legs are sore lol.

after completing one of the papers. the MOST excruciating one!

dimsum later on!

one of my coursemates, hui fei

i have so many things to do!
one of them is to visit your blogs and read about what's going on with you guys!

i wish i can live in a world where time do not exist.

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