Friday, April 18, 2008


*dont read this if you dont dig controversies & drama*

RAGE [reyj]
1. angry fury
2. a fit of violent anger.

what's your goal now huh? to destruct and to pin me down with all those bloody mtf'ing phrases of yours? grow up i shall say. 21, acting the age of 17 with the mindset of "im the big boss here". bloody hell - mirror yourself please.

you should be the one using your brains at times. all those small little lies you've uttered and those plots you've came out with WON'T impress anyone; in fact you'll end up destructing yourself and in the end of the day, heck, you won't even KNOW who you are. i'm not that dumb bitch you pick up by the roadside or the girl who nods to everything you say and keep quiet to your perspective; i'm somebody that's beyond your expectation. Sometimes I think back of the things you've said; they clash. They clash so much that your own tongue betrays you. gotta watch that tongue of yours, boy. gotta tame down on that "touch-me-and-i'll-crush-you" attitude. all there is right now is temporary; those gang fights and not to say those disgusting things you partake into your body. this world is more than just gang fights.

you're funny, you know. or maybe i just dont understand your language; so please speak some decent ENGLISH for god's sake. you're asking people to accept flaws, to not compare and to not change people but look at what you yourself said? you think you're better than me? well, enlighten me please because i don't see any reasons for you to say that.

it's true that people say "when you like someone, you're blinded"
man, i wasn't blinded, i TOTALLY had no "eyes".

p/s : i'm VERY happy right now, so please bugger off and live your own life; not mine.
i'm out.

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