Wednesday, April 09, 2008

one day closer

alright, so here's the dirt - i woke up, packed my things, showered, got into my gym outfit, put on those running shoes, and slang on my backpack. It's been at least 2 1/2 months since i last stepped into the gym. I miss the feeling that I get when I shower right after I let my body cool down from all those cardio I did. Boy, talk about slacking - I gained back the weight I lost after 2-3 months of regular cardio workout and gained another 4-5kgs. HAHAHAHA. I'm glad my dress size didn't change, you know.

I feel fat. And whenever I munch in whatever food that's more than needed, I feel a tinge of guilt.. I need to get back that urge to always want to workout like how I used to be months back!

So tell me, when was the last time you actually stared into the mirror and get this in your mind - "omfgmtfwtf have i done to myself" and start being health cautious again? So do you wanna lose weight? Let's do it together. I've already jotted down my weight and took measurements of my body and we'll see how you and I both improve in a week-month's time. what about that? :)

the secret?
eat healthy, work out, no late night meals, no starvation, more veggie/fruit and liquid intake.
try this, in a matter of just a week or two, you'll shed weight.
hey, i did it before and succeeded - which shows that we can do it again!

It's so true that to lose weight, dieting alone won't help. You'll end up feeling weak around the clock and gaining more weight when you start eating proper meals again (metabolism, baby). I watched some really gross short clips on YouTube yesterday. Go into it and type "thinspiration" or "anorexia" and you'll end up watching girls that would starve themselves to be thin - the nasty way. beauty to the bones, they claim.

man, i dont wanna end up looking like that.


alright, im running late,
will be replying the comments and tagboard messages a.s.a.p!
*scampers off*

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