Saturday, January 26, 2008


everyone's down with cough and flu - including me;
i guess it's contagious.
ah, the times that we live in.
life can be pain in our butts at times, ei?

short update, nothin much in this one
just wanted to upload some photos else my blog would be certified "D.E.A.D"

watched Rambo last night with mom, sis, jasmine, jason and mike
gawd. godamn

me in the driver's seat
about a week or two ago
headed off to Gurney

evelyn and me
waitin for the time to tick by

evelyn and sis

who say guys don't pose for the camera? :D
ninjoe joe joe joe joe joe...

this was last saturday i think;
dont quite remember. oh well!
went over to stephanie's to get ready and all..


sisters [:

can your eyes tell stories?

gotta go!
*scampers off to get ready*

Sunday, January 20, 2008

typical sunday.

The sound of Starbucks Baristas grinding coffee is giving me a warm, cozy feeling.
let's not even start to talk about the smell of coffee - mmhmm;
"1 iced latte. 2 blended frappuccino with cream" backgrounds the sound of people murmuring and kids laughing. the weather is so godamn hot today, i parked my car outside with i think a billion others. a typical sunday i shall say [:

i looked out of the window and i see the penang bridge anchored under the sea,
the sun reflecting its beam over the sea, people shutting the doors of their car,
trying to get shelter from the scorching hot sun that is piercing through their skin.
a couple of people fallen asleep so peacefully on the sofa itself;
and the rest are like me, hitting the keys on our laptop.

i know it's been like about a week since my last proper update,
i couldnt even get a connection at home, blah, sue streamyx.

this update may be a little outdated but bear with me :D
on wednesday i went to Mois; and joined a dance modelling competition.
hell yeah, i JUST gotta show off my minnylicious-deliciousness skills. ahha (i wish)
an umbrella as a crop to dance with. yup.

*THINK rihanna in her UMBRELLA mtv*

anyway, the girl with the loudest cheer wins.
guess who won?

awesome :D
got a bottle of bacardi limon as well
guess how much i won that night?

yeah baby!
800RM in cold hard cash
was a memorable night [:
didnt know i could even win!

here's a few random pics that i like

we party hard :)

now, this is me that you MIGHT not get to see on a daily basis [:
my mid semester exams are coming soon.
gotta slow down on partying,
put on these glasses and do what University students do - study.

lappie's running out of battery
and im running late for jasmine's birthday party.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


it is happening again.
never cease to 'fail' me - the stupid internet connection in USM.
i have so many things to tell and so many blablabla-s to jot ]:

anyway, i'm currently updating DURING my lab session.
having a class at the moment yes, yes.
2 hours of lecture ABOUT microsoft office.
it's kinda ironic how everybody looked at me when i opened the door and stepped my right foot in.. the computers are connected,
and i got a message from a friend who's currently sitting a few seats away saying how red my hair is. all i can say is "ang ang boh hai lang" (hokkien)

well yeah, it's not everyday that you get to see a RED head walk through that door.
*tilts head up and lecturers going on about 'this is simple. just set a footnote blablabla*
*back to blogging*

you can tell just how much i wanna run out from here.

will be updating real soon, as i have heaps of photos to share with ya'll.. let's just say, this friday? hehe :D

each person knows the extent of their own suffering,
or the total absence of meaning in their lives.
*taken from a book im currently reading - Veronika chooses to die*

Thursday, January 10, 2008

a new start.

this update is a little outdated but who cares;
i couldnt find anything else to blog and if i blog randomly i would totally drag you guys into reading my thoughts;
i'm FED up. i am. with so many things. and with some people.

anyway i love these two photos but they're too friggin blur

she's imin and i love her.
we're sisters. for real.
[: but we dont really look alike, dont we?

i wasn't in a cheongsam
took this on new year's eve at UPR

a day before or after new years (i dont recall when exactly),
went out with Randall; remember that celebrity fitness gym coach i told you about in my previous post? yeah, we went to Glo and SS that night; it was gay night. hahahaa. i had too many drinks, a few shots of whisky and a bottle of carlsberg. i was literally floating on air. And so I had to send Stephanie home, but I couldn't drive. So, thanks Randall for driving.

randall and my sister.

it was around 3 something.
my sister and me went to Randall's and Ryan's because OBVIOUSLY i couldnt drive.
heck, i couldnt even stand on my two feet for more than 5 minutes. Randall, thanks for letting us bunk in on your bed while you slept on the thin-thin-thin mattress on the floor. such a sweetie!

told you;
i had too much 'lalalala' in my blood.
my face was almost as red as my hair haha.
and oh that's his bantal busuk in his room.

stayed up talkin to him until it was around 8 in the morning.
he and Ryan showed me some of their paintings, amazing.

so before we left,
i ventured into their kitchen.
and jeng jeng jeng. guess what i saw?!
BOYS will ALWAYS be BOYS huh?

that's all for 2007.

2008 - clean start for everything. im so excited. this is the beginning of SO many new things and the opening of so many new doors for me. This time next year I will make sure that i can say "the past year was the year I made something of myself and made myself proud."

Monday, January 07, 2008

RING goes the bell

what a life.
i'm updating from the library.
Minny in the library.

remember those ring-a-ding-ding sound that you used to hear when you're back in school? i remember it clearly; each time the bell rang, my friends, and me and even strangers would scamper off to class or back home.

living this life, being 20 (finally?) makes me realize that i've been schooling for more than half of my life! my second term for my degree course in USM started a week before christmas and since then i've been travelling to and fro Penang.

i told you i need a new camera :(
yes. a proper camera.
not a phone camera. blah.

Three course works due by Chinese New Year.
but that doesn't stop me from havin fun lalalala.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

party days

sometimes looks can be deceiving and deluding. we all know that but we still tend to like judge people from time to time. i guess it's just human nature! (as if i've never done it before :P)

i still can't believe it's already 2008. i can't believe that a year had passed by so fast, too fast that i don't even really remember what happened and why did somethings happen. ok lah, enough of the random stuffs. been partying too much especially during the last week of 2007, and nope it didn't stop there. parties and the night life kept oppressing me. so much for wanting to bertaubat, wei -.-

i think this was some time last week? Joan and myself at Ghotel's lobby. Before that, I went to watch "I am Legend" with Randall. blah, can't believe that I'm friends with my gym's personal trainer (not MY trainer, ah, you get the drill). He can palm read. yes, freaky!

Randall : u're gonna fall in love for 9 months and then get married around the age of 28
Me : WTF!!
*everybody stared* well yeah i was loud.

evelyn, joe and my sister

guo wei TRYING to be cute for once. failed attempt i could say!
hung out with the both of them yesterday, they got their hair cut for school - short. FUNNY okay. aahhaa.

well, yesterday was another party day for me,
but trust me in between of last week's partying and yesterday, I HAD a few more.
I was even there for GAY NIGHT. like wth. but it was a cool experience hahaha

SO, it was Saturday. first week of 2008.
what's there to do? PARTY lah.
no. i'm serious.
no. trust me..
and NO i'm not addicted!

i look stoned but i was actually behind the wheels.

went to queensbay with my sister for a while. wanted to get some tops from forever21, tried on a couple and eyed the whole shop but NOTHING new. i've literally seen almost every single piece of clothing in that store; i'm getting bored. they should get new stocks. nothing fits perfectly, most tops are out of size. blablabla i can go on forever.

went to Gurney to meet up with Stephanie and Nikki.
In the mean time we bumped into a lot of people and to be honest, the guys have their nerdy looks back - goodbye long, awesome, spiky hairdos. nonetheless, they still look spunky ;p

steph and myself

went to Andrew's place and waited for Nikki to get ready. HE HAS LIKE FIVE CUTE DOGS i tell ya!! And one of them is called BOW WOW. howwwwwwwww adorable! divine, divine :)
got to know 6 new dudes (friends of Nikki and Steph) last night.

steph and my pretty lil sista.

so we headed to the same old same old place
upper penang road.

was at mois and glo,
the best part was glo's DJ was sooo friggin outgoing;
when the bass was pumping and people were dancing,

aha. now you can tell how often i "loiter" around that area.

this is Mike. such a random picture though, wonder what i was pointing at.
he's a sweetheart. takes care of me whenever i'm less sober.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

IMIN's sweet 16th

okay, dont blame me.
school's started and i couldn't get online as usual;
that's why i couldn't update :(
it was TORTURING! rargh.

HAPPY SWEET 16TH sister :)
i loveeeeeeeeee you!
{click here to visit her blog k}

boys shall be boys

omg i miss this lil punk
i wonder why he was pulling my hand -.-

i look like TAI KA CHE right right right? hahaha

DUDES. look at reagan; totally stoned. haha

banana boat.
first was the guys then us girls.. was seriously fun wei!
the guys' boat turned over and we laughed our asses off.

vanessa, venice, zhigie, charlene, imin, sara

they're going for a parachute ride!

getting strapped up and ready!

there goes charlene and sara!!

on air :D
charlene's and sara's parachute fell into the ocean
poor thing.

lucky eusern i shall say

left at around 7 to charlene's place to get ready :)
thanks for being a great hostess babe!
her maid made us chicken, cocktails and noodles for dinner.

evelyn the hottie and myself

birthday girl and me :)

me fooling around when everyone's getting ready
cute slippers huh?

effin red hair!
lovin it.

off to UPR!
woohoo. met so many people there :)
had such a blast.
finished off our very last BACARDI LIMON that we kept at the bar for the dance competition..

us at MOIS.

another one :D

the FANTASTIC five.
tak tahan saja...
reagan, edwin, ray, zander, denis.
and that's my sister la of course.

familiar faces.
ting ting ting!

angel and cally.
our shaking partners xD


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

which means im 21 this year!
without my parents agreement if i want to hahahahhahaa

anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody :)
i had a blast last night and on the 31st.
hope yours was just as amazing as mine!

a few days ago, it was imin's birthday.
updates bout it soon.

more updates soon.
going back to USM tomorrow.
hope my internet connection will not be down for days again.