Thursday, August 21, 2008

i am AMAZINGLY blabbing.

this is a story of a girl,
who cried a river and drowned the whole world

time flies by like flickers of light today
i've been out the whole day since 9 in the morning
been running errands with mummy the whole day!;
paying bills, picking the suitable tiles for our new home
(I contributed the most at this one!),
choosing between curtains or blinds,
surveying through various furniture shops,
cruising through dato keramat road lookin for ACER's service center,
blablablablabla and bla.

we did manage to get some pinned down
after long hours of furniture hunting, we finally bought a beautiful dining set
i was so close to set up a tent there; i fell in love with the furnitures instantly!

me during Bachelor of Arts Translation & Interpretation interaction night.
yada yada.

well it's been a while since an ominously huge photo of me being posted up here;
so don't complain la! :D

i guess blogging is one of the ways for me to chill from all this hustle bustle of life
i've been sitting infront of the computer for hours, typing away my assignment;
i even signed off msn, resisting the temptation of facebooking and all. sigh.
and i'm only like 20% through with my first one.
WORSE, i have 4 other assignments and 2 major USM projects coming up.

been sucha nerd lately .. GARGH.
"hello. im chan min min. *cough* uh." *pulls pants high up*

involved with too many stuffs especially in USM.
but i know i can handle this,
and it's for my own good anyway!

one of the events.
zherong and me at the launching of KONVEX '08 (usm graduation)

cant even flippin recognize myself. how awful!
thanks Theepha, for lending me that gorgeous ladylike baju kurung :)

pfft. i better get back to my assignments,
getting late and i have to get up at like 9 to settle some stuffs
regarding our photography project in USM tmr.
and then off to the library
"uh. told-ya-i'm-a-uh-nerd."*fixes reading glasses*

sipeh random punya night -.-

Monday, August 18, 2008

Que Tal, Minny?

yo soy ella!

I know I've been away from all these in a while
so much so that i've lost touch of the vibe of blogging
but it has never left me!
i'm planning to revamp and to revive

nevertheless, it's gonna be a rough time for me;
so many things to be done in so little time..
my laptop's down; can't even get it turned on!
course works are pilling up like nobody's business
and i'm busy preparing for so many events up in USM
tests are coming up soon.
one after another. it seems like there's no end to it.

my life has come to a point where, i HAVE to prioritize. literally.
so much responsibilities and commitment to bear.
i'm not complaining; i'm just learning how to take it in.
just give me some time.

how on earth have i gotten myself into this mess?

i need a new laptop :(

soy muy tensión a veces.
yo no cómo explicar; no quiero
¿cómo eres tu entender?