Monday, March 31, 2008

'TIl the clock hit mornin' (Pt 2)

i hope i did not keep you guys waiting for this post!
before i start, remember that I got a horrible sunburn?
MY BACK WAS PEELING like a snake's skin yesterday;
nevertheless, i had fun seeing it peel. new skin, baby! :)

one day, im gonna rob him for his D&G ring, i tell ya.

all he needs is just 1 glass of whisky coke and he turns red like a pikachu!
that's where his name in the blog-osphere came around.

Vingie's sister, Angie was there too :)
i look so fat in this picture, wei!!!!!!!

hey, why wasnt i in this picture!

we both look tipsy, ye?

the two Ms that party harddddddd :D

posting up two pictures of us because i dont know which one looks better!
talk about being indecisive :P
dont get freaked out la, i look taller because i stood on the stairs!

kean, u look like a sugar daddy u know

redeye alert -.-

girls just wanna have fun.. oh oh oh ~

went to Glo for a bit to meet up with my other bunch of friends;
Joined Ralph and Willazz outside for a breather
couldn't help taking off my shoes! feet hurts!

right after, it was Hungry Duck for a little after party,
It was a rough night to be honest, but we had FUNNN!

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