Monday, April 28, 2008

tick tock tick tock

monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday
monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday

and it goes on and on and on.
time flies don't u think?!

ever since i'm done with my finals;
i've been more of a potato couch than usual.
i'm sooo lazy to even take a meal - i would rather sit and just daydream sometimes!
but good also lah, helping me to lose weight. LOL.
FACEBOOK [click to add me] has been addictive more than ever,
i check it like every 15 minutes when I'm awake. hahaha.

wednesday night pa-pa-pa-parrrrrttttyyyy!

cute or not?
say cute, please?

i look like a zombie!! i just realized that im too fair.
turn off. yuck yuck yuck!

NOW jasmine has red hair too!

we then accompanied Ralph for dinner at Subaidah


it was a hell of a night!
bumped into so many old friends at Mois :)
made some new ones too but i dont remember their names for now lol.
well, tbh, im still not happy that they kinda "BANNED" me from joining the competition!
anyway. whatever-lah. im cutting down on my clubbing days anyway!

and then...
i ended up having TOO much fun.

did we do it?
we made 2 guys kiss, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

okay. i officially dont remember his name too.

me and shemane

godamnit i look so oily!!

i dont remember this picture being taken.

not this one either

dont remember taking this one too!

im moving to Penang tomorrow to stay with my aunt.
gonna have quite a packed week starting tomorrow :)
and that SIA interview thing is on a Sunday morning.
nevertheless, let's party on wednesday!
LABOURS DAY on thursday what! WHY NOT!

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