Thursday, March 29, 2007

here's an update :D

first off,
get well soon YVONNE (:


oh-so-delicious-yummylicious mangoes.
super sour ones.
I had two the other day within 1 hour;
and i forgot to drink lots of water after that.
and so,
i lost my voice.
my throat is killing me.
i'm starting to cough.
i've a running nose.
in short; i have a cold.
i swear to not have two sour mangoes within an hour.

what's worst?
i'm singing this sunday.
back-up singing for church.
haha, with this voice i'm having right now.
oh i'm totally DOOMED.

by our very own Miss Charis (:

6 weird facts about me.
1. lmao. WEIRD? hahaha. er okay, i'm 5'7 and
i still want to be taller.
2. i'm 20. Charis has her smelly pillow; i sleep with 3 pillows and a spongebob. hahahaha.
3. i miss school. yes i do.
4. i drink occasionally but it takes more than 4 glasses of wine to make me go all-over-the-place.
5. i love
boy tshirts.
everything about me is weird. that's what makes me, ME!

Name: Min Min
Birth Date: October 18th 1987
Current Status: isn't it obvious enough?
Eye Colour: dark brown
Hair Colour: red, purple, and orange. (:
Righty or Lefty: righty.

My Heritage : chinese and indonesian.
My Fears : being ignored and rejected; and deserted.
My Perfect Pizza : anything with lots and lots of cheese! omg. *drools*

My Thoughts First Waking Up : "morning alreadyyy?"
My Bedtime : after 12.
My Most Missed Memory: every single one that carves a smile on my face.

Pepsi or Coke: coke
McDonald's or Burger King: this is tough ):
Single or Group Dates: wanna try? lmao
Adidas or Nike: adidas AND nike.
Tea or Nestea: nestea.
Chocolate or Vanilla: CHOCOLATE!
Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino.

Smoke: i can't even stand people who smoke.
Curse: hahahahahaa.
Take a Shower:
i take mud baths.
Have a Crush: on WENTWORTH MILLER, yes!!!
Think You've Been In Love: am.
Go To School: nope.
Want To Get Married: yeah, but not now. (:
Believe In Yourself: sometimes.

Think You're A Health Freak: not even close, darl.

Drank Alcohol: of course.
Gone To The Mall : can i punch your face?
Been On Stage: yeah. every sunday (: just like charis. lol
Eaten Sushi: ye
Dyed Your Hair: ye

To Be Married: any between 24 - 28.

Best Eye Colour: brown/honey/hazel.
Best Hair Colour: dark brown/black
Short Hair or Long Hair: short, tidy, spiked (:

A Minute Ago: friendster.
An Hour Ago: had my dinner.
4.5 Hours Ago: working.
1 Month Ago: kicked someone's car rims.
Year Ago: 19.

I love:
Jesus. the most (:
I hate: dodos.
I hide: my flaws.
I miss: him.

I need: to take cough drops.

I tag..
1) ALICIA. muahahaha :D
6) blabla anyone who's bored. (:


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

new hair.

fate just can't stop meddling.

me old hair.
couldn't stand the faded colors and the long layers.
so i went to get myself a hair-do!

me new hair (:
still looks the same, just more shorter on the top.
and it's now purple+red and a little ORANGE.
hahaha :D
i love love love love love it.

as you all know i've just completed my Form6.
and today's the last day for us to apply for Universities.
I made a last minute change on the courses/Universities that I want.

1. Hospitality : UUM
2. Interpretation : USM
3. TESL (Teaching English As A Second Language) : USM
4 : Tourism : UUM
5 : Nature Management :UPM
6 : Human Resource : UKM
7 : Logistics : UUM
8 : Hotel Management : UMS

Yups, I'm very much into social stuff lol, whatever you call it (:

AND yayyy.
Adam is in KL with his friend whatishisname.
Too bad they're not stopping by in Penang; on a business trip kinda thing ):
oh well.

i hope the court session went well for him.
i hope he wins the case.
i miss him.
with every single beat of my heart; i do (:


YAN : I prefer your room! seriously (: i love your huge mirror. LOL!!!

PIAU : eh!! you're in the same class as my friend, Jasmine! When you coming online? I miss ya! it's been a while since we talked! maybe i can help you with your blog a little bit (:

EN : hhaha i didn't know you actually VISIT my blog.

MISCHIQUE : hahaha thanks but i hated that hair. the color went off ):

JISHYANG : er.. woof? hahaa meow meow!!

RIIZIE : lol i didnt wanna disturb you guys. so busy doing the one elbow, two butts thing hahaha (: looked pretty fun though! did you win anything?

ERLYNDA : hahaha yeahhh queensbay is cool but some of the shops are taking forever to open. don't u think so? ):

DARREN : i know! MSN is messing up so badly i can't even add you up or see you online. it's just weird. I'm doing well~ how's life over there in Aussieland?

SMASHPOP : yupsss. it'll be funnn. lots of pictures LOL. and oh, i've replied your mail on friendster. contact me okay!?

DEBRA : hahahaha. some of it looks nice but tasted like ---- where is yvonne btw? that perempuan hilangkan diri lol

HOPELESS ROMANTIC : yup! I replied you on friendster (: hope you've approved my invite. and oh, i'm linking you! where are u from by the way? queensbay is in penang la :D

JACOB : hahaha i hope we get into the same course, same Uni. It'll be crazy!! there, I just listed out my choices. I made several changes to it last night. not taking up music anymore. but i might change back to music again later tonight; who knows! ahhaha. they want at least a grade 5 cert for practical and theory PLUS u have to go through an interview and u have to write a song!! how crazy is that @.@

Sunday, March 25, 2007

(tagboard replies below)

so it was saturday (:
friends, sister and I went to Queensbay.
didn't take much pics yesterday;
but oh well!

before leaving :D

so Harrison drove.
darn; do u realize that i'm two tones darker now?
look at my face and neck;
then compare it to my body.
"ha.ha." i got sunburn.

went to WONGKOK for lunch.
all 6 of us : Harrison, Fenness, me, Evelyn, I Min and her boy.

guess who i saw in queens?
hahahahaha :D
didn't say Hi because she was busy playing the "levi's game show"
thingy (:

we watched MRBEAN.
totally laughed our butts off.
must watch!! :D

toilet picture;
fitting room picture.

then, off to gurney (:

bought Loreal hairspray,
a pair of shoes. and a top.

that's it.
have u ever loved someone so much;
it hurts?

::tagboard replies::

AL : lol darlinggg i'm in Kedah. sure u wanna travel so far just to meet my puppies? LOL ahaha any suggestion? i dont have names for them yet. ): and oh! i've re-added you on msn today! i hope u get my invite.

JACOB : and i'm proud of you too!! lol did you realize that we're picking the same courses and the same Uni-s too? omg. i dont want to be your coursemate =.= LOL

SYMEON : weiii come on msn! so long didnt kacau u d.

EMILY : hello!!! hehehe im glad u like the song. it's nice huh (:

THUMBELINA : hehe thanks :D i love polkadots. oh-so-retro! lol.

L4WR : hehe thanks. it took me 6 hours to paint two friggin walls!!! LOL how's life for you over there? come back la. cepat. i want my sizzling hot.

JOOSING : thanks girl! :D i cant wait to go redang. are u going anywhere for a short vacation?

CHEE HSIEN : hello! it's been a while yeerrr.. (:

EMOSHERN : yups! blue pink white is THE COLOR. hahaha do u have any dogs at home? i love dogs too! they're proper cute. and they can take your breath away.

CHRISTINA : thank you! i love those puppies. pink is the new black. lalalala xD

KOOLZ : hahaha funny la you. march can become december =.= this 31st? i thought he said he's kidding about coming to penang?! ISH ISHH ISH!!! i'm going to kill him LOL

TRISHEY : yups!!! the shy one! i love him the most hahahaa :D what's your favorite color? my mom didnt let me paint in the first place but i insisted then she said "OH ALRIGHT!!" lol (:

JEN : thanks jen! hehe

DAUGHTER : who are you?!! lol!!! which daughter? since when do i have a daughter? lol. yan y is it?

YING JIE : yay. thank you dear (:

Saturday, March 24, 2007

paint job; NOT boob job. LOL.

*clears throat*
i meant to update my blog yesterday;
but my internet/phone line got cut off because the wind was so strong and massive rain poured down. kinda freaked me out a little!

i'm glad most of you guys actually dig my new layout heeheee (:
and ohhh I LOVEEE my new tagboard.
and i miss all of you.
and i really mean all!
thanks for always visiting my blog, giving comments/encouragements/point of view and especially for leaving a tag!
i'm gonna spam your boards right after i update this entry
watch out! lol.

I want you guys to meet three NEW family members of mine. (:

she reminds me of "thedog"

he's all brown;
and hyper!

he's shy,
and VERY delicate.

and, i haven't got a name for them yet ):
any suggestions?


so i did mention i wanted to paint my room didn't i?
it took me 6 hours to complete!
you have NOOO idea how tired i was.
and how badly i wanted a massage. *wink wink*

okay, so it's kinda messy (2nd picture)

BLUE is the color.
yup yup.

so the paint job began (:
i painted my room;
sis painted hers.
her room is like a barbie doll box.
SOOO pink.
visit her blog for pictures of it :D

halfway through.

"i'm blue; da-ba-de-da-ba-daaaiii"

one section of my room is blue with polkadots.
one is half pink, half white :D
so proud of myself..

YA'ALL!! (:

Monday, March 19, 2007

at the cross.

(tag board replies below)

i should be sleeping LOL.
but i'm toooooo excited;
updates about Saturday will be up tomorrow/the day after (:

will be
painting my room tomorrow!
moving my furnitures and bed.
sticking posters and pictures on the wall,
painting random stuffs on the wall.
hehe (: it's gonna be proper fun!
will updateeee about it soon.

after so long, this morning i've finally heard his voice.
i've finally hear him say the things i long to hear after so many days.
i'm thankful, blessed, and happy that the one thing i didn't want to happen;
DID NOT happen. (:
i'm just glad that as every single day approaches;
it literally shows how close it is to the most amazing day in my life ever;
meeting him.

i changed my blog song from "way back into love"
to "AT THE CROSS" by Hillsongs.
I don't know; i'm just soooo hooked to this song.
the music is good; ever so soothing.
and the lyrics are so assuring and lovely.
every single line reminds me of how good He is to all of us.
that He never gives up on us.

***At The Cross***
Oh Lord You've searched me
You know my way
Even when I fail You
I know You love me
Your holy presence surrounding me,
In every season
I know You love me
I know You love me

At the cross I bow my knee
Where Your blood was shed for me
There's no greater love than this
You have overcome the grave
Your glory fills the highest place
What can separate me now

Verse 2:
You go before me
You shield my way
Your hand upholds me
I know You love me

You tore the veil
You made a way
When You said that 'It is done'

And when the earth fades
Falls from my eyes
And You stand before me
I know You love me
I know You love me

nice right? (:



SYMEON : when are you putting a shoutout box in your blog heh! so hard for me to message you some times!

CIA : japanese brand hairspray? i was once using a japanese hairspray but it wasn't really any good. so i'm switching!! hey! where are you la!?!! i miss hanging out with you :P i miss that Jean's A&W bear. ahahaha. and where's GARY? which hutan he went to? went missing for so long. let's go shopping girl! :D

LOGICYUAN : sobs. we're all gonna miss you when you leave for National Service!! tsssk* don't forget us k? and oh, have fun!

TRISHEY : YES!!! I WENT TO THE BOOK FAIR! HOW can i not go? lol. i'm a sucker for books. yay. books are cool. (: how many books did you get? just 3? i didnt get any; didnt see anything i like ): i wanted to get cecelia ahern's new book (dont remember the name) but it's soooo expensive. rm60 YOU KNOW! =.=

YVONNE : I MISS YOU TOO!!!!!!!!! how was your sunday? in gurney? sorry ler can't go ): working. and tomorrow i'm painting my room YAY! send my love to THEBRA ok? hahhahahaha. come online!!! (:

WARREN TAN, AL : hello guys!! do come by more often. (:

RIIZIE : aww, thanks girl! ever so supportive and sweeeeet. u owe me two dates. when wanna bayar hutang? lol!!! i met your brother the other night. well, bumped into actually hehe.

GWEN : brown eh! :D that would be awesome hehe. i miss talkin to u! and it was fun catching up. must do it more often ya (: when are your finals???

JISHYANG : hehehehehe. yupsss. all good now; thank youuuuu ♥

KOOLZ : swensens come in 2nd :P baskin is always the best!!! jom, 31st go baskins. got 31% discount. lol


Friday, March 16, 2007

the day after.

first off,
i'm all good now.
no longer sad or anything.
and i really wanna thank some people.

MARX : for being ever so understanding and supportive. you were the one who listened to my rants THE MOST.

SYMEON : for your encouraging words (: to which reminded me of so many things.

JULIAN : i don't know how to thank you enough! thanks for being there for me and letting me be EMO for a moment. lol

JASMINE : for being there for me.

TOMIE the baboon, DAVID, JOOSING, JISHYANG, LOGICYUAN, GLACIUS, GWEN and many others. (you know who you are) your words are words of comfort and encouragement. thanks so much (:


as u all know (if u've been reading my bulletins on friendster),
i have horrible looking hair now.
the color's totally faded
the layers has lost its bounciness.
the style has lost its shape and cut.

i was just looking through my myspace friend list;
at my friend's friend's friends.. blablabla
and i stumbled upon a few chics who have amazing hair!

i've been thinking of going black and red (:
or perhaps brown?
i dont know;
lol but i seriously should pay my hairdressers a visit.

ANYWAY! last night was proper fun.
went out with my friends for seafood at TAMBUN,
then off to Autocity for Swensens.
I look tired, weird, fugly and most of all my hair is a disaster.
well, don't blame me;
i mean, i was literally crying the whole day.

something random (:
ate so much at tambun.
crabs, fish, noodles, mussels,
octopus, cuttlefish, prawns.
oh boy;

left for Autocity at 10pm.

the whitesssss,

the redsssss.

BOO! hahahahaa



i hate me hair.

we had yummylicious ice cream!
oh yeah, and i bumped into Jonathan (:
as in, Charis' brother @ Swensens.

i've finished ranting.
you can go now (: