Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BACK to basics

I feel amazingly happy and contented
I finally get to see my very own Marco Polo after 4 days today!

Gym was pretty tiring today;
was there from 4pm up to like 710pm.
it was alright, although at around 6 plus, Rafael almost killed me with those Latin moves.
THAT was by far the most tiring class I've ever been to
(probably because I didn't eat anything for the whole day and had a dance class earlier).
however, I think I can shake half as good as shakira now -
or maybe only 1/4 just as good as she is. heh :P

and I lost another 1.5kgs
Been almost two weeks in now, and I already lost a good 3.5kgs! YES!
i'm on my way, tra la la la la~

Met up with Jasmine and Jason for sushiking later on, and godamnit - we devoured almost 20 plates of sushi altogether.
THIS happens whenever we get a discount or a promotion going on. there-goes-my-so-called-diet!
anyway, thanks Ralph - for the ride!

I was looking through my photos on my laptop; those 1 year old ones
Stumbled upon a couple that made me miss my uber long hair.

took this when i was a waitress at some japanese restaurant
LOOK how long my hair was and how different I look back then.

i wish i could turn back time ]:

my 19th birthday. i think. or was it the 18th one?
seriously, i'm missing my old hair.

OMFGWTFBBQ. this is classic!
with jasmine - one of our crazy stay overs!
remember the slushie-on-joyce's-hair and the fart story? HAHAHAHA.

i've decided to keep my hair longer from now onwards.
NO MORE bob cuts for me - yups, sayonara :D

ANYWAY, that's NOT the highlight of this post

VERY, very soon.
i've made up my mind; 100%.
might do it tomorrow or this weekend, idk!

sneak peek of how I MIGHT look like by next week.
do check back!

waddya think? long/short hair?
red/brown/black hair?

alrighty, i'm off to bed now.
it's almost 330 in the morning!

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