Saturday, September 13, 2008

MISSING cousin

Unfortunately, the word missing above is NOT to show an emotional state of mind. My far-related cousin, Yi Jien has been missing for a total of 28 days now. I've not seen him before in person because he's been in the States almost all his life, but I'm worried. I'm concerned about his mother, his wife and his sisters; I know I've mentioned that I'm gonna stop blogging for a month, but this is important. I hope all of you would spend just a little bit of your time praying for his safety. I still remember when my other cousins, my aunts and uncles, together with Yi Jien's mother would talk about having a huge get together with ALL the relatives over dinner. It's such a shame that I've only got to know about this news on the 28th day.

"Yi-Jien Hwa, the 27 year old hiker from Kentucky is still missing after not returning as anticipated from an ambitious hike in Glacier National Park. Hwa, a married seminary student, embarked on a challenging 7 day hike alone, August 11, 2008, into the backcountry of Glacier with the intention of covering approximately 90 miles with an elevation gain of 15,000 feet and downhill more than 14,00 feet. Family reported him missing on August 19, 2008 when he didn't return as expected.

According to biographical information on a backpacking gear site blog, Hwa is an experienced hiker who has hiked in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, Isle Royale, Hawaii’s Big Island, and the Smokey Mountains. This summer he and his wife would experience the west in such places as The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Zion, Grand Canyon, and Glacier.

a view from the Glacier National Park

Apparently he is prepared with gear and supplies for his arduous trip. He applied for his backcountry permit, left a complete itinerary, and an anticipated return date.

My mind wonders, “Where is he and what happened?” He’s been gone so long now."
Honestly, there's nothing we can do, and we're wasting time by just wondering what happened to him or where is he at this very moment. all we can do is just to uphold him and all his family in prayers.

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Pray Until Something Happens

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


i WILL be back.
a promise is a promise.

life has never been busier!
assignments are pouring in like rain,
and i'm moving into a new place.
at the moment,i can't even count the number of responsibilities/
commitment that i'm bearing with my two hands
i've not enough time for myself, even.

just wanna let you guys know that i'm FINE;
still alive and kicking! bugger, ain't it? :P
and whenever i have time, i drop by your blogs
i will be back in the blogosphere, ACTIVELY
somewhere around mid - end of October.
don't give up just yet!
you can find me on facebook though ;)

[l-r : jasmine, me, joann]
a sneak peek of something that i have done lately