Tuesday, January 30, 2007


the statement; people change is TRUE. [:

when i was 15 or 16.

lmao. i cannot stop laughing. :D someone said i went for plastic surgery. o.O"

please tell me i lost weight :D

Gary, me, Vick and Eu Wye on our hips [: we miss you, euwye!

my ex school mates. [:

sis and me. enough said. [:

JULIAN and me. wahahhahahaa.

Me, Evelyn and Emily. new pic - me, Emily and Samantha.

Samantha, Elaine and me @ Goshen.
Me and Samantha.

US. oh that little dude behind is GERALD. hahaha.

We're all growing up. aww. [[:
I have more old pictures, but my motherboard got burnt. so yeah ]: lost them all.

Through the years, I've made new friends, and I've lost some old friends.
Friends who were once close to me, are even closer now.

Nothing can ever replace you guys (not really in order);
Jasmine, Samantha, Elaine, Evelyn, Emily, Felicia, Gary, Gerald, Charlene, Darrell, Cammy, Patricia, Charmaine, Tommy, Thomas, Fenness. I love you guys [: You guys make this world a better place to live in.

I lost one of my good guy friend to leukemia in 2005.
I miss you.
Our motorbike days won't be forgotten. <3



to GLACIUS : hahahah ya!! JJ is so small but sooooo cute!! eh, *JJ dont perasan k. I'm talking about a dog here. I'm glad to be its godma! but enough about dogssss. LET'S TALK ABOUT KOI. food for brain remember? lmao. my tagboard is becoming a chatroom d. lol. sorry bout just now on msn, I was on the phone.

to AARON : when will you be free?? exams are SOOO yesterday for me. lalala [:

to LICIA : eh!!! HEROES! that show damn nice k! I wanna watch it on astro, but i dont know which channel, and what time lol. heyyyy why is your blog locked? NOT FAIR ]: and oh, i didnt get injected~ I'm not gonna work there. I HATE needles. period.

to JJ : lol! even dogs have your name [: i'm gonna go "rape" your Queensbay soon. bwahahahhaa.

to JACOB : i don't feel like working anymore. i wanna go singapore!!! I rejected that Nandos job u know..

to YVONNE : small world we live in!! hehehe. glacius super bising la lmao. so hyper. we must hang out someday kk?

to ERLYNDA : i'm gonna be famous in autocity :D hahahahhaa.


My day was alright. I found 4 more jobs which wanted to hire me. After discussing with my parents and all that, I've agreed to work with my dad [: I get paid daily. But I know, this job is gonna be soooo boring although it's easier.

My DAD'S my boss, that's why :D

Anyway, I feel kinda crappy for no apparent reason after dinner time. I start to get emo. I almost cried talking to Louis; he was having a hard day as well. I didn't really talk much on MSN, didn't feel like it. But thank goodness people like Glacius came around and talked about sex in the animal world. lmao that made me laugh a little. And Terrence kinda cheered me up without knowing he did so by telling me his stories, by showing me funny pics and by talkin on the phone with me. Besides, Tommy the BABOON was there to make me laugh a little.

Sometimes the things that we want in life, we can't seem to have it; no matter how much we pray, no matter how hard we've tried and no matter how many tears we've shed..

last night was funnn :D Thanks, Tommy.


what on earth was i doing =.=

i can't sleep.

Monday, January 29, 2007

update & tag replies [:


here's an UPDATE on my weekend.
and replies to my tagboard [:
thank u all for always tagging <3

to SLUGS - hahaha u should know now that I'm related to I Min. therefore, u should come here more often :D

to EMOSHERN, AARON - helloooo emo. u should update more about ur langkawi trip! i love those photos [: ahhh AARON! i hope i dont get THAT bored anymore lmao. sooo when are u going to GP again?

to TOMMY the BABOON - someone owes me a LV bag [: BOONIE!!!

to JACOB - did u get any jobs yet? I hope u did la! Cuz I changed job 3 times, and u still havent started any. LOL

to NICOLE and JEN - hahahaha. I need more shirts ]: have u shopped for CNY?

to LAWRENCE - BEAR IS MINE!!!! thanks for adding in friendster! yay.

to GWEN - Girl! i missed you! haha thanksssss. u should get more pics of yourself [: i wanna seeee. i might visit china someday u know!

glacius, i almost died when i was told I'm a GODMA and you're a GODPA to Jasmine's "son". ahahahaha. anyway, thanks so much for takin care of her. YVONNE, I MISS YA!!! ]:


Watched Death Note 2! I love the show, but I seriously enjoy the first chapter more. Anyways, Ryuzaki is sooo darn cute. Too bad all of them died. I was happy though when Kira died. bwahahhahaa. How I wish I have that deathnote notebook, write his/her last name and "whoalah" that person will die of a heart attack :D

Balls? lol. I love "yew char kuih"!!!
I'm ugly. kthx. But I love my glasses 8) makes me look *coughs* smart.

Evelyn and Elaine came for a mini sleepover! yayyy :D It was fun. That's my sister's butt by the way. lol

Gone cuckoo in my room :D

The next day, we went to Gurney. Before that, I went Jobhunting AGAIN in Autocity. Got a few jobs. I've decided to work for Nandos. Starting this Tuesday! :D I get to wear a shirt that says : CHICK rules. Lmao. as in, chicken. haha. I get paid by hour basis.

And I work 8 hours per day, sometimes 5 days and sometimes 6 days a week. I like it there. But, I have to get an injection before I start working.

Evelyn and sis having Swensen's Mint Icecream. It's superrrrrr good!

Evelyn and me around Gurney walk. I have horrible eyebags. so I had to censor it. hahaha.

we love miniskirts! (minny - ya, right.)

I'm WAYYYY better than Angelina Jolie. oh yeah! lmao.

"SOMEONE's" graffiti art work. YOU hurt Jasmine. It's a good thing I did not fit a knife on your face.

dining @ kimgary.

people say evelyn and me look more like sisters than my sister and me.

YeEen! USE A STRAW!! lmao.

AND THEN! we watched EPIC movie! GOSHHH it was sooooo funny LOL especially the "charlie and the choc factory" part. We were all literally laughing our butts off.

somebody's someone special and me :D

toilet picccc

Thennn we all went to see Jasmine. Please pray for her k ]: I'm so worried. I hope you're feeling better, girl. You've shed too many tears for someone who doesnt appreciate you. All your friends are worried of you.

Anyway, that's her new dog. JJ! and I'm his GODMOM. Glacius = Godpa. LOL.

Supper @ Faces cafe.

Elaine and meeee :D

Over all, my weekend was F-U-N. [:

ARGH! Injection tomorrow @ the doctor's. I don't wanna ]:
NONONONONO!!!!!!! I hate needles. NOOOO. ]':