Monday, April 30, 2007

Minny travels.

wanted to update last night;
but AGAIN streamyx went crappy.

anyway, first off, I wanna congratulate Anna;
for being the very first official "Hottest Female Blogger"!
yay girl! you deserve it.
Pretty, sweet and a food craver, you should definately read her blog.
she's a darling.

as for me,
I got into top3, and i really wanna thank everyone who supported me.
Cedric, for hosting this whole contest [:
friends, who voted for me.
and the judges, who judged according to their speculations!
and sponsors for their awards!
And also I want to congratulate all the other 17 bloggers who were featured as well!
You guys are hotttttt; in and out! [:

my so-called-speech :
Wahrao, i didn't really expect to be in the top3. Moreover, to even have a chance in this whole Hottest Female Blogger Award thingy. But I'm really glad I did, I made a bunch of amazing friends through this.

Anywayyyyy I got awarded! so, yippiiie.
A ticket to the premier of "Pirates Of The Carribean 3" (I get to watch Johnny Depp in action before you do! HAH! *laughs loudly then sings 'rum rum rum your boat'*) sponsored by Nuffnang.
A box of healthy drink (time to get healthy~) sponsored by Miss Samantha
A banner exclusively made by Nixx (i need one!! especially by a talented designer)
Movies with Cedric!! (bwahhaha. oh how fun! he's so gonna be picked on!)

okay this is something random.
i saw SUPERMAN on a lorry!

i kampai-ed on saturday night.
it was a rather rainy night; listened to some jazz (surprised?)
and was online chatting to some people.
and web-caming [:

(1st May)
with my family.

which means, I will be away for 3 days. which means, I will not be able to update. which means, I will be taking heaps of photos along the way. which means, I will miss all of you. which means, you will miss me too, right? which means, i wouldn't be able to "kacau" you guys on your tagboards. which means, Cedric's Virtual Mamak Corner will be missing Minny. which means, you won't see me on Msn. which means, we won't be able to chat. which means, we have to exchange numbers if you want to [: which means, ..bleh; you get the drill!


Leaving to Kuantan tomorrow, first thing in the morning. [: i'll be driving too; at 160km/h again. ehehehe. oh well. i'm a Malaysian driver; what do you expect?! after Kuantan, it'll be Kuala Lumpur. whoa, it's been so long since I last been there. Then off to Genting Highlands (probably)

get ready for MINNYYYYY.
excited i am.
very, very excited!

minny will miss all of you. for sure.

5th May.
I'm coming, oh I'm comingggg.
Christina, i'll see u there [:

Saturday, April 28, 2007


ahhhh; the wonders of PhotoShop [:
anyway, that's not the point of me updating.

I want to genuinely thank everyone who voted for me!
xie xie.
terima kasih.
thank you.


MINNY THE "KIA-SU" queen is in!
now I have to impress the judges?
I'm soooo bad at impressing people;
I always give off bad first impressions.
I'm doomed.

okay, someone sent me this on friendster.
I was puzzled.
so i asked what does "this is how i remember u, min min" means.

and this is what i got.
did i really change? if so, better? or worse?

I can tell you one thing, people don't change. BUT feelings and thoughts do change. we're born with our compulsive nature of protecting ourselves that leads us to do things that might hurt people dear to us; without actually knowing it. I've never changed, neither do you or your neighbor or your cat or your dog. It's just we've swifted our perspectives and point of views to another angle.

For us, we're still who we are. We're born to be who we are. [eh, I sound so philosophical suddenly] Our character and personality remain the same throughout the years of our lives.

So, if someone were to ask you, "WHY DID YOU CHANGE?"
you should ask them back "WHY DIDN'T YOU KEEP UP?"

that's the way it is.
we grow up, and our thoughts change.
our minds,
even our hormones for goodness sake CHANGE.

that means; shopping!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'm sooooo bored.
Totally nothing to do! and it's only 3pm!
talk about torture ]:

my maid fried this, and i realized that it's a
two yolked egg!
not really sure if it's edible,
because i heard eggs like this have
weird hormones;
but it's
already in my tummy!

and ohhh even my spongebob thanks you for voting :D

i have this huge craving suddenly.
it came out of no where, i'm sure you guys get it often too [:
it's like, u get omg so hungry all of a sudden,
and everything seem to appear as FOOD to you.
was talkin to Marx; he said "pop-ish kinda music" and i thought he said POPIAH.
talked to another friend on msn, he said ROTTING, i thought he said ROTI.

bak kut teh.
thou art so lovely.

anyone wants to bring me out?
i'm too bored.

Alicia will only be free after today ]:
Charmaine is working.
Jasmine is.. missing in action.
Oliver is chasing Fifi around KK town. LOL
Kah Peng is out in Gurney.
Christina went to QB without me.
Friends are out with their families.

all of you so mean one.
leave me all alone at home ..

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Only THREE spots.

no, not superman.
no, not jaws.
although teletubbies is cute.

it's..., THE POLLLLLL.

the Hottest Female Blogger Award poll!
top3 now.
mmhm. competition starts to get scary!

anyway, I wanna thank you guys [u know who u all are ]
for supporting me to get a space in top10.
i made it! as u remember [:
so now, VOTE for MINNY again! yayyyy.
to vote;
and to read about other hot bloggers too.
but the main thing is,
vote for this kiasu queen : Minny.

uh huh.
i totally WHORED myself.
on myspace [:

and comments

and people supported me!

talk about kiasuness.

top10 HFBA

good bye old layout.
i will miss you. tsssk.
well, i just switched from a black blog layout to a white one.
i'm not used to it just yet.
but tell me, what do u think?

what's this about? [:
i got through TOP10;
Hottest Female Blogger Award.
thanks to you guys who voted for me.

especially Kah Peng,
who dedicated a post on his blog for me.
go see!

i loveee this banner, sooo cute!
got Cedric's monkey wearin red underwear somemore

check out
for more yea?
921 votes, thanks you guys.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

tag board replies.

MEL : okok la. i'm still half a head shorter than you are [:

AVALONDEVIL : I added you the other day, but u didn't approve me. sobs.

CHEEHSIEN : haha must put "example" one ah? oops lol.

SCLEANG : hehe thanks, i love this song! but thinking of changing it; any suggestions?!

LOK : the lemon dish ah. it's in penang. haha u're the one who made yourself hungry! BLEK.

FENGY : wohhh. no wonder you said I have mini eyes :P I wish i'm mini; height-wise. anyway, sorry didn't reply you on msn. i was away that time

MEIQ : aww! thanks [: u're soooo sweet! I've voted for you. *hugs* But don't worry! you're gorgeous I know you'll be qualified for top10!

AARON : hehe only picture taken, but it's nice! right?

TRISHEY : thanks lovely! *hugs*

SMASHPOP : aboden [: this is penang you know. penang people are vain!

SYMEON : 23 ah? the Jim Carrey one ah? Looks nice! anyway, ginseng tea from Wongkok? I think ginseng taste-a-like powder la. lol. u ah, can become food expert d. your blog all about food 1. see pun hungy.

SAM : haha. i've been fine la. apart from snapping pics and stuff :D how are you?

PAPAJONEH : thankssss [: keep visiting la. everytime update, sure got pics for u to see one! LOL.

KOOLZ : come la! ur water gun so kecil. ahaha wei i think we should have a blogger's water gun competition. and you become the organizer la hahaha!!

GWEN : aww thanks [:

DANIELCTW : haha yah. gam yat hou sien ]: that's why I end up sleeping from 12noon to 630pm. lmao!!

KAHPENG : thanks kahpeng! one day must chia u makan d. so nice :D

AARON@AXIAL : cough*!!!! u don't know where' s Queensbay ka?! Have u been to Penang? do u even know penang exist? lol. haha i'm 172 ler. how tall are u?

MISCHIQUE : I've voted for youuuu pretty lady! :D

JEN : heyyy girl!! yups avril rocks!!!!!! yay!

p/s : minny has been dieting for 3 days;
but broke the law of dieting 3 times.

Monday, April 23, 2007

a MINI Saturday. [:

went to Queensbay with Jacob, Samantha, Emily, Sis, Charlene and Eu Sern.
It was a lonnnnngggg funnnn day.

But I only had a few hours of sleep the day before ]:
i look so.. "blur" lol

Here are the pics! ENJOY!

Samantha and Mini me!
FengY says I have mini eyes.
Do I??

Sister and me.

WongKok for brunch [:

The worst drink ever!
ewww!! DON'T ORDER.
it's called apple something something.


emily and me the weirdo ;p

Jacob and i.
i look.. sleepy? lol.

the girlssss.

time to pay!
lunch cost not more than RM50.
but LOL!

bumped into Charis right in front of Diva.
Pretty right? [:

we watched WILDHOGS!
omg, it's really funny :D
and I bumped into Christina!
visit her blog :

I bumped into Aaron too!
he's a really really nice guy!
his blog.
click here.

sat next to adik Eu Sern.
LOL. it's just fun messing with him during the movie!

then we head off to Gurney right after Jacob, Samantha and Emily left.

right picture : NACHO POSE!

i love this picture! LOL
so random.

bumped into Nicole and Andrew..
And Nicole's brother. (don't remember his name. oops?)
It was Andrew's birthday.



lil bro and me.

Left Gurney.
Met up with Yee Ern, KK, and AhBeh at McDonalds GreenLane.
played poker!!!

we're all vain.