Tuesday, May 29, 2007


sometimes they come out from your mouth,
without you even noticing what you've said.

words can sound like music [:
pleasing to our ears and to our very soul.

words can be like a rainbow,
so calming and full with hopes.
right after a rainy and stormy day.
they carve more smiles.

words can also kill.
and hurt more than anything else.
especially when one doesn't mean what they say.

we've all been in the same boat, heard the same things.
"smile, it makes more people smile seeing you happy!"
that's something really, really nice to say.

"hey, you suck. you're the ugliest thing alive!"
now that's something that i will never ever forget.

So leave a comment, and share;
something that someone said, that you will never ever forget,
may it be happy or sad.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Shaz got punk'd!

eeeyer. i've been away from the blogsphere for quite some time [:
SORRY. wasn't in the right mood, and
i didn't want to BLAST all my emo-licious stuff here. so yup!

ANYWAY, on Saturday, Shaz came down to Penang.
Yups, the oh-so-very-famous dude all the way from KL [:
And he got pranked by us Penang bloggers!
muahahaha *laughs evilly*

go to Erlynda's
(please hold down the shift key as u click)

page to read about what happened!
or Holyboy's page.

Thanks Charlie;
for helping us to prank! :D


All of us [:

Then I met up with Jasmine and Jason [:
Watched Pirates of The Carribean 3.
Not too bad!

went to Evergreen Laurel's Lounge.
Played pool and beat Jason FLAT!
hahahhaa :D

Friday, May 25, 2007

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KL Trip

that i went m-i-s-s-i-n-g
i just got home!
and i had a haircut today,
even colored my hair [:
just check back soon if you wanna know how i look now!

anyway, last week i went to KL.
didn't take much pictures.
like, to be honest, i took only 20 photos; including BAD shots.

anyhow, on the first day we had SATAY!
beef satay
chicken satay
fish satay

mom and dad went for the machinery exhibition;
sis and me hung out at Toys 'R Us

Went to KLCC and met up with Hikaru
smashpOp's friend!

anyone of you remember this?
took this when pOp visited Penang.
face on face!

face on face pic with hikaru

okay, we SO did not plan what we're gonna wear that day.

and oh, one thing that i can say,
KL people are amazing [:

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

PULAU REDANG part 7 finale

my redang updates has come to an end.
i miss redang.

nice ain't it?
now just imagine taking wedding photos with such skies and light.
i want. i want!!!!

breathtaking (:

our room was so cold;
the cam shutter went blur

i leave my mark

can recognize me?

LOL our BAGS!!!

so cute ^^

our very last photo on the island before leaving.

the other boat

we hung out in China Town, Terengganu

plain posers right?


yee ting and me

we board the 10pm bus from Terengganu;
just the 6 of us.
The rest went home via AirAsia at 4pm.

TERENGGANU is definately strict.
NO kissing!