Saturday, April 19, 2008

birthday bash

it's the day when Shoutout [penangpenang] turns 2!
thanks to Lasker & Elise, really.
made so many blogger friends from penang through this;
and obviously I'm one of the seniors lol.

names are imprinted in it
CLICK FOR a better view
cant fit the photo in my content area, so i dragged it longer;
that's why it looks a little out.

*jealous sial*
on that night, we found out that lasker & elise got married like a week back.
they showed us their wedding photos;
aiyo so sweeeeeet. lasker looked like chow yun fatt and elise; zhang ziyi!

i miss them, really :)
it's been so long since we've all hung out in big numbers
had so much fun laughing and just chit chatting,
not to mention - GOOD FOOD!

emily the ahzhiap; someone who might end up marrying a singaporean :P

and of course, how can i go on without a picture of ME?
sigh, look at my tanned back.
i have different color skin tones on my body :(
to the beach, anyone?

there's that CRAZY perveeee clown too!
aL [click to her site] (the one sitting) : gimme gimme more, gimme more~

wow. MY FACE AND NECK compared to my BODY!!

JJ and myself :)

cameras were flashing, people were busy camwhoring;
bursts of laughter can be heard..
yep, it was fun!

brothers & sisters unite! after sooooooooo long.
i miss this guy the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [click!]

the wind made me look bald.

i have a test on monday;
but i cant be bothered to study at the moment.
baby's in langkawi. having fun;
being stoned - without me! how can he :(

anyway, i'm staying home tonight;
yeaps; another saturday - AT HOME.

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