Sunday, April 27, 2008


i want to update.
i have so many things to update about.
but something is buggering me.
have you ever had your own feelings driving you up the wall?

if you do, YAY. you just found out that you're not the only one!
I just feel happy, excited, nervous, hopeful, angry, confused,
short tempered, indecisive, lonely, loved, worried and sad at the same time.
it's so darn frustratinggggg i tell you.
i feel like screaming. losing grip seriously
what's going on? pfft. i wish i know.

and NO it's not PMS lah. stop guessing.
cant be bothered to do anything.
cant be bothered to even take my dinner.

*MSN chat*
MINNY koh samui! says:
im going crazy d
MINNY koh samui! says:
i go sms first
MINNY koh samui! says:
sms -.-
MINNY koh samui! says:
MINNY koh samui! says:
i go blog first
MINNY koh samui! says:
how can i mistaken blogging with sms! :@

somebodyyyyyyyyyyyy entertain meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please.
marko poloooooo where are youuu??

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