Monday, March 31, 2008

'TIl the clock hit mornin' (Pt 2)

i hope i did not keep you guys waiting for this post!
before i start, remember that I got a horrible sunburn?
MY BACK WAS PEELING like a snake's skin yesterday;
nevertheless, i had fun seeing it peel. new skin, baby! :)

one day, im gonna rob him for his D&G ring, i tell ya.

all he needs is just 1 glass of whisky coke and he turns red like a pikachu!
that's where his name in the blog-osphere came around.

Vingie's sister, Angie was there too :)
i look so fat in this picture, wei!!!!!!!

hey, why wasnt i in this picture!

we both look tipsy, ye?

the two Ms that party harddddddd :D

posting up two pictures of us because i dont know which one looks better!
talk about being indecisive :P
dont get freaked out la, i look taller because i stood on the stairs!

kean, u look like a sugar daddy u know

redeye alert -.-

girls just wanna have fun.. oh oh oh ~

went to Glo for a bit to meet up with my other bunch of friends;
Joined Ralph and Willazz outside for a breather
couldn't help taking off my shoes! feet hurts!

right after, it was Hungry Duck for a little after party,
It was a rough night to be honest, but we had FUNNN!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

'Til the clock hit mornin' (Pt 1)

Friday; what would you do on a Friday?
come, take a look at my minnylicious friday!

on the highway.
P.I.M.P, yo.

my sister looks stoned.
this is what you called a professional camwhorer
*clears throat* LOL.
drive while you snap pictures :D

Arrived at Gurney, LATE.
Dinner at Nandos with Ralph and Willazz
Wanted to watch Jack Black's Be Kind, Rewind at 930;
but aiyoyoyoyo when we ordered our meals, it was already 920!!

our can't-wait-to-party-faces.

So, after dinner - Canceled our movie plan.
And played a couple of rounds in pool..
It was still early, so we sat around Q and chatted.

haven't got a decent picture of us both in a very long time!

and of course, a picture of me :)

and another one of me, AGAIN.
eek, stoooooooopid bra showing off itself.

After all that, IT WAS STILL EARLY!
So we went off to the Arcade and played some shit.
been a while since we laughed our asses off while playing!

Around 1115, we left Gurney.
Parked my car at Sunrise McDonalds
and carpooled in Ralph's ride - a Golf.

what was my sister trying to do?;
now this over-outrageous photo of her is posted online :D

Arrived at UPR; where else? MOIS!
and oh!
Party was on Mark :D

(from the back) Roby, me and Mark.
and then what?
more people came,

check back for Part II :)
dont wanna bore you guys with too many pics in 1 post.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

what TAN lines?

first of all,
i will be editing my "LINKS" later tonight and tomorrow;
adding new URLs, adding new people's blog, and removing old broken/non-used ones.
so please drop me a comment if you want your new link to be included! :)
or just remind me that i have to change your URL!
thanks ya.

this was what i wore last night :)
blue and red - talk about contrast, baybehh!
one of the walls in my room is painted dark blue, if you don't know.
i kinda like this picture, tell me what you think!

ive just completed editing pictures from last night's party.
check back later tonight or tomorrow to see what happened,
and to see pictures of me with my friends;
i mean, that's why you're here for right? lol.
if not, just say yes to make me happy la :D

next picture will probably shock you to death..
i got a horrible, horrible sunburn a few days ago.
gatal la, i wore a tube top to the beach.
now i have like 2 color tones on my body :(

took this a couple of days ago in my hostel.
i know i dont have an hourglass body shape;
but OMG look at my tan line!
THAT is not a white/beige top okay.

damn. im late for a party!
and i havent even showered.
hahahahaha :D

Friday, March 28, 2008

party people in the house say woohoo

i know, this is a horrible horrible horrible picture of ralph and me!
(ralph, u can throw away your n82 d. haha)
but idc, i just wanna make a statement

party tonight, people!
see you there if you're going :)

*scampers off to get ready*

Thursday, March 27, 2008

a sunny day out.

i felt like a mat salleh the other day :D
it's not that i went for rhinoplasty to have their to-die-for-noses.

it was soooooooo friggin sunny,
Mark and me went to the beach near Parkroyal.
Sat there for a good 45 minutes,

it was so so so so so hotttttt
my eyes couldnt even really open.
and yes, miraculously we sat beneath NO shades AT ALL.
i mean, it's a miracle for me la.

Mark tanning his "sexy" legs.
i was tanning too, NOT on purpose.

i still dont understand why people love to smoke :P

NOW THAT'S A NICE TAN! (sunburn)
sakit tau!!!

anyway, right after, i dropped Mark off at church for bible study.
then went off to meet with Ralph and Willazz.
Had dinner and played some arcade shit :)
Around 10, we went to Arathi's for a couple of beer and poker session together with Mark.
Ended up chit chatting with the regulars there and amongst ourselves until 2.

and peopleeeeeeeeeeeee..!!
how awesome is that eh? :D

thanks man :)
i still owe you 10 pieces of Nan Cheese.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

somebody call the mental asylum please!

it is official!
(translation : Minny is now a nutcase!)

I guess this week has started off so rocky for me;
so many assignments due this friday, i'm losing my pace completing it,
i would rather sit and stare out from my dorm window.
instead of flipping through notes and typing away my assignment,
here i am ranting and bragging.

my phone line got barred. curses!
my phone died on me. keypads 1, 2 & 3 keep malfunctioning.
room's in a mess. books all over.
my finals starts in two weeks; godamnit.
my left foot hurts like shit; been a week already.
i feel insignificant.
i feel reluctant.
let's see, what else?
oh yeah, im so pissed off with some people, you know.
this is when the time is NOT right for my mind to have irrelevant thoughts clumping in!
sometimes i wish i could just dig out my brain to refrain from thinking all those shitty stuffs that might turn out to be NOT true after all. ohmigod.

focus minny, focus.

told you it's messy.
assignment 1 : 95% done
assignment 2 : 90% done
assignment 3 : 15% done
tutorial homework : 0% done

fuck it.

due by friday; all of it.
i wish i have like 48 hours a day.
i need to unwind, you idiots.

self entertainment :D

anyway, im glad i went out with JJ, Vingie and aL earlier today.
Im feeling way better now.

i'm such a nerd.
let's party after i hand in ALL of my assignments?

Monday, March 24, 2008

beeeeeeeeeer; cheeeeeeeeeeers

a typical hang out night with friends i shall say!
evelyn, imin, willazz, ralph, cheehsien,
benjipapa, cedric, pippo, vingie, jensen, aL.


it was a friday, and Sunset was the place
just couldnt resist the sounds of waves gently hits the shore
and the breeze that blows away your sense of heaviness.

started off with 2 buckets of skol
ended up ordering another one

damn. can you guess whose is this?

aL's favorite quote at the moment! LOL.

hung out for a bit;
then went off to Mois to join Mark and the rest!

i drink but i DONT smoke, baybehhh.

i'll be updating a little bit slower this time around
3 assignments due by this friday.

Friday, March 21, 2008

13 years; memories!

finally! after 13 freakin years,
i breathed in that same old Genting breeze again.

so, Willaz was the man behind the wheels to and fro Genting.
we went with his ride of course;
our ears were pretty much delighted with jazz and hiphop tunes
throughout the whole journey.
not being able to remember a single shit about my '13 years ago' trip,
except a few hours earlier la, i slept like nobody's business :P

it was c-c-c-c-cold!

we checked in;
four of us had a room to ourselves.
the rest of the gang booked another room!

my Genting trip camwhore buddybuddy.

it was a funny attempt trying to get into the casinos there.
i'm still UNDERAGE - like, DUH!
and i got stopped and then bounced out after that.
hell, i was even told "datang balik pada bulan oktober"

but i managed to walk in two times.
obviously, Ralph encountered the worst.
he's stopped every single time he tried to get in;
until the point where he had to borrow someone's IC

Played Rollette, Three Pictures, Casino War - i think that's about it.
had a really fun time there.
The rest went to the Theme Park (i wanted to go SO badly)
but, oh well, i was promised to the fact that we're gonna go play the next day
and heck, it didn't happen. but i was cool with it. ended up going to KL instead.

After dinner, Satkuru and Daniel joined Ralph and me at the casino.
Stayed there til like 4 in the morning. craziness.

not exactly.
we went to Midvalley, KL.

Satkuru, myself and Mr.Spongebob!
so cute can?!

A group picture before we left genting.
godamnit, i look stoned! for more photos!
go go go go.

had carls jr for lunch!
then headed home to penang [:
right after, I went to Bt.Feringghi with Mark and Roby

truckload of assignmentsssssssssssss.

Friday, March 14, 2008

randomness in the air

dont call me childish la,
i havent been there for 13 years.
leaving at 4am later. i cant freakin wait.

i really dont know what i should update;
my blog's like half dead.
and i'm having troubles deciding what to jot here.
anyway, let's go RANDOM this time around yeah?

i was on my way back to Penang last week
traffic, godamnit.

HH just got back from Japan, so a whole bunch of us went to meet him for more photos alright?
they're awfully cute [:

charleskey and myself.

a group shot, from charles' camera

few days later..
went to Chilis for dinner;
it was Jason's birthday!

i look tired right?

jasmine and jason :)
later, a few of us bought a pretty cake and surprised Jason at home
*wtf, i didnt take any pics of the cake!*

ive back slided from the CAMWHORE doctrine.

jalan masjid negeri.

mom FINALLY bought a condo unit in penang.
i'm happy, and i cant wait to move in!