Tuesday, May 29, 2007


sometimes they come out from your mouth,
without you even noticing what you've said.

words can sound like music [:
pleasing to our ears and to our very soul.

words can be like a rainbow,
so calming and full with hopes.
right after a rainy and stormy day.
they carve more smiles.

words can also kill.
and hurt more than anything else.
especially when one doesn't mean what they say.

we've all been in the same boat, heard the same things.
"smile, it makes more people smile seeing you happy!"
that's something really, really nice to say.

"hey, you suck. you're the ugliest thing alive!"
now that's something that i will never ever forget.

So leave a comment, and share;
something that someone said, that you will never ever forget,
may it be happy or sad.


Aaron Chua said...

Yeah, think before you speak. lol~
And why suddenly ask how short am I? =,=
I thought I told you before. LOL~ Yes I did!

danielctw said...

She's always comparing height. =P
I might be as tall as minny

lollipop said...

"words are wisdom....
words are cheap." from Wordy Rappinghood Jill Vidal Wei Si' song...

a n n n a said...

Good Morning~!

Good Day started from the first greeting by ME! xD Have a great day ahead..

CRIZ LAI said...

Words are as unpredictable as the weather. One day it will shine, one day it will rain. One day it will be so hot until sweat keep oozing out nonstop. One day it will be so cold until it hurts deep into your bones. No matter how bad the weather can be, only three words can make it bright and sunny again. The three words are called "I Love You"! :P

k0k s3n w4i said...

Words; are just words.

Charmaine Woodworth said...

Some words hurt more than others, some words when said wrong can be taken back,
Some words when can be easily forgotten once 'sorry' is said. However Minny, we learn from experience, that words sometimes, will remain and sting you like a splinter. You know it's there, it hurts bad, then it doesn't hurt for a while, and you are glad because it's gone, then, when you brush your hand against something, the stinging sensation returns, and that's when you realize that the splinter is still there. Words have the same effect on us, sometimes, we remember every single hurting word that people say, and other times, it just don't matter.

The most important thing is to never take whatever other people say about you by heart. If someone, can be bad enough to say something that can hurt you SO bad, then, it is good for you to try to avoid conversing with them, as that will only lower your self-esteem, and quench their thirst of the power to humiliate and belittle people.

Girl, you know who you ARE... You know what you are, have faith in yourself, have confidence in yourself, don't ever forget that what people say about you, don't matter, it's what you are saying to yourself that matters most... OK??

Take care...

p/s : You are BEAUTIFUL... in all manner of speech... don't FORGET that...


jewel.x said...

He said: Who do you like?
She said: A guy whom doens't take much interest in me.
He said: He's missing out alot.
She said: Who do you like?
He said: A girl whom likes a guy who's missing out alot.