Tuesday, May 22, 2007

PULAU REDANG part 7 finale

my redang updates has come to an end.
i miss redang.

nice ain't it?
now just imagine taking wedding photos with such skies and light.
i want. i want!!!!

breathtaking (:

our room was so cold;
the cam shutter went blur

i leave my mark

can recognize me?

LOL our BAGS!!!

so cute ^^

our very last photo on the island before leaving.

the other boat

we hung out in China Town, Terengganu

plain posers right?


yee ting and me

we board the 10pm bus from Terengganu;
just the 6 of us.
The rest went home via AirAsia at 4pm.

TERENGGANU is definately strict.
NO kissing!


Darren said...

LOL now that's a sign you don't see everyday

a n n n a said...

LMAO... They seriously carry bags that way?!

Terengganu.. Oh My Gosh! No kissing! even got the sign!! Hahaha.. i'm so goin to redang..

Rabbit said...

Woah unique-nya the way they carry your bags. Kaka!

Seems like there's so much fun in Redang. I want go i want go i want go!

Nicholas Chan said...

walau-a! no kissing? geng nia...

owhh...the beach so nice..the water so clear not like batu ferringhi. :(

alexiolim said...

errr.... the resort u stay sure give good service...

a bulldozer for carrying ur guys luggage. haha.

CRIZ LAI said...

Dilarang Mencium? So potong stim...haha. Wah your redang trip so many photos wor...can write novel liao :P

Just dropping by to check this out since Symeon mentioned about your blog :)

Aaron Chua said...

So many bags, damn heavy. LOL~

No kissing?
Got so many other things can do! lol~