Friday, May 25, 2007

KL Trip

that i went m-i-s-s-i-n-g
i just got home!
and i had a haircut today,
even colored my hair [:
just check back soon if you wanna know how i look now!

anyway, last week i went to KL.
didn't take much pictures.
like, to be honest, i took only 20 photos; including BAD shots.

anyhow, on the first day we had SATAY!
beef satay
chicken satay
fish satay

mom and dad went for the machinery exhibition;
sis and me hung out at Toys 'R Us

Went to KLCC and met up with Hikaru
smashpOp's friend!

anyone of you remember this?
took this when pOp visited Penang.
face on face!

face on face pic with hikaru

okay, we SO did not plan what we're gonna wear that day.

and oh, one thing that i can say,
KL people are amazing [:


jimmychin said...

eee.. i wan take pic with minny too... minny come come liao.. :P

the Dark one said...

ehehe...i'm kl ppl too!!!


drop by kl again din find me!! u still owe me sands u know...nvm...

i'm coming to penang (holding a baseball bat)

Aaron Chua said...

KL People are amazing? Why?
What about KL+ang=Klang people? Amazing+red=superamazing? lol~