Thursday, May 10, 2007


so let's talk about happyness happiness
for one second [:

(I WASN'T GRABBING MY BOOBS okay; like some of you claim haha. i was playing football on ps2)

happiness is something you see, and then you feel it in your heart.
it tickles your heart, tickles your mind and your soul.
and carves a smile on your face,
while wrinkling your eyes.

have you ever wondered what made you happy?
normally we often focus on what makes us sad and angry rather than what makes us smile and laugh our butts off, right?
when the day ends, slow down, think back and ponder,
"hey, what/who keeps/made me happy today?"
and you will realize, you have so much to thank for in life!

OKAY, enough of me crapping.
I was sleeping like a pig, was a little ill, but
dad woke me upppp. and...

I received a package! all the way from the states [:
So what's inside?

I love it! That little message you wrote inside,
almost made me cry LOL.

Postcard :D

Atlanta keychain.
and a letter too.

Thanks much Stephen, you made me smile today!
I appreciate this and you so much.

REDANG UPDATE TONIGHT after dinner at TAMBUN (seafooooood *drools*)!!!

I'm framing my photos to blog,
and will be adding trademark to my photos [:


Darren said...

hey i seen that book from somewhere, i think i saw it from one episode of America's next top model

jimmychin said...

minny, i saw ur address liao.. haha.. ur name is chan min min.. :P
ppl go ur house find u later :P