Friday, May 04, 2007

Minny is off. to PULAU REDANG [:

sneak peek

so, I'm going off to Pulau Redang
In approximately less than 24 hours time hehe.
Haven't packed, real lazy to!

I'll be away starting tomorrow up until Tuesday night.

Guys, don't fret.

I have two gentlemen here to keep you entertained when I'm away!
blog will be updated daily, probably twice a day as usual [:

Meet DR.SYMEON #blogger 1
and MR.OLIVER #blogger 2

Symeon; kept asking me what to update, what to update. haha. but anyhow, this dude is awesome. I've known him since 1999 through a friend that I know. He's a food maniac just like me! and he's funny too! :D and oh, VAIN. like, VERY. and he says I'm the one who caused him to be that way. #%$^$&! haha. and yes, he's a DOCTOR.
girls, quick! grab him! before it's too late. lol
check out his blog! you should. uh huh!

Oliver; he's been a tremendous friend throughout the 3 years we've known each other. He's super nice, a little vain. Funny and thoughtful. He's simple and very understanding; a great friend he is! He makes me laugh all the time, I'm sure he'll make you laugh/smile with his updates on my blog here [:
Sorry girls, he doesn't blog but he sure does have msn!

i think i'll come back lookin like the second picture..

minny will miss all of you;
when she's away.


*~AnnA~* said...

Woo hoo~ Redang.. Enjoy girl..

papajoneh said...

I don't know where's redang is.. so u better take lots of picture ;)
and that first picture... sneak peek... intentionally taken like that, eh? minny, minny... no wonder u listed in the HFB. isk isk isk.

Minny said...

*ANNA : yups for sure i will! [: u enjoy dining as usual k? and making people like me hungry lol

*PAPAJONEH : wahrao. u dont know where's redang? [: it's in terengganu! no worries i'll get lots of pics for you! hahaha ye, intentionally taken. sneak peek ma. check back SOON for the real deal LMAO. :D they should list me in the BAK KUT TEH craver award. :D i will win i tell u.

alicia said...

eh lousy minny.
i miss ur hiaoness. XD

oliver's face so chubi wanz. makes me feel like cubiting him with clothes pegs. LMAO

come back cepattttttttttttt!