Saturday, May 12, 2007


*drum rolls*

a 8 hour plus bus ride Kulim - Kuala Terengganu.
10pm - 7am.

Kuala Terengganu jetty :D
nice heh? very laid back and "village-styled"
It was a 30-40 minutes ride from the jetty to Pulau Redang!


no proper jetty lol.

7 girls in one room [:
look at me going "OH-TAKE-MY-PIC" lmao

Stayed at Redang Bay

now this is what I call CRYSTAL CLEAR [:

Wynis, Joyce, and i-dont-remember-her-name ]:

The beach

wah. Nice beach..
so.. What should we do?

AIKS, this is when smashpOp came to mind.

*dum dum dum*

hahahaha don't mess with us I tell you! LOL
karateeeeee kick!
did you realize?
we're wearing the same slippers, and pants!

One failed attempt to jump ]:

a decent one

TOP5, in the running to be Miss Redang.
LOL er, excluding Darrell.

oh, the joy!

fenness and gary having fun at the park


check back soon! for part 2!
so many pics, i don't even know which ones to post!

PS : what happened to my shoutout box?
why is everyone talking bout ps2?
all Tekken players.


Anonymous said...


Reminds me of the sweet fun memories of my own Redang trip.


Minny said...

testing? say something!

Lok said...


So kesian. The resort I went to (Pelangi) had a jetty. There was even a WELCOME sign to greet us. said...

as always.. u know how to take photo.. and betaken ;)
any photo that deserved to be published in Hahahaha

sckhsmc2007 said...

Wah eh wah! Minny! The place looks smashing! You look smashing and I just can't wait for the rest of the pictures to be uploaded! =P Wahahaha... if u donno wat to choose hor, just upload all lar! =) hehe... smashpOp memang femes-nya... mebbe one day aso i will do his jump in batu feringghi haha... =P

Rabbit said...

I like ur karateeeeee kick picture! Classic! *giggles*

Looks like I must make my way to Redang soon. Minny's tempting me!

a n n n a said...

wahh!! really so crystal clear the beach water! the sand so pure & white! can't wait to be there!!

Charmaine Woodworth said...

hahaha! the crazy things we did there... what the heck is wrong with my hair?!!!! and my leg??!!! GOSH!!! LOL!!!

By the way, her name is Charmaine... lol! same as mine :P Wynis, Joyce and CHARMAINE!!!! hahahaha

Minny said...

LOK : haha not fair!!!! so many things changed ever since u've been to redang. i didnt see any seahorses sign u know ]:

PAPAJONEH : hehe such a compliment lol. i'm buying you tea for sure! lol

SYMEON : nice leh? way better than penang. penang beaches = MILO. and yay thanks for compliment. pai seh nia heheheehe. u should jump! smashpop fehmes jump LOL

RABBIT : ahha ya i know! my friends and i laughed so much kay! haha u should go redang. totally :D cheap ma now! gogogogo xD

ANNA : u're going to redang too?!?! i miss redang so much! bring me along wei :(