Sunday, May 20, 2007

PULAU REDANG part 5 revived [:

remember this post?
i revived it;

grr. i don't know what happened.
until Cyn told me.
the photos won't appear.

so here are the photos again..
no captions. minny is lazy now haha

okay maybe one caption; i SO did not snap this.

UP NEXT : part 6 [pulau redang]
Minny, Minny, Minny of the jungle.
smart as she could be,
LOOK out for that tree!


alexiolim said...

wa... look like every1 enjoy it very much d.

too bad... none of the girls wear bikini. haha.

Darren said...

nice shot of the underwater part, u used the underwater casing for the camera?

cindy said...

Wahh.. you girls definitely looked like ya'll had so much fun!


Minny said...

cindy : yup we did have fun! didn't want to go home ]:

darren : nopeee. the place we stayed offered such service. but we had to pay like rm5 per photo! fuyo right? lol

alex : why not we go again? and u wear the bikini? LOL

Darren said...

minny: yeah fuyo indeed hehe