Thursday, May 03, 2007

ROAD TRIP [Part 1]

Part I
Minny visits Kelantan.

the two vain sisters [:

me in the car. hahaha

We traveled along the old highway. The one that links up west to the eastcoast side. You can see mountains, lakes, clouds and villages along the way.
Sorry for the low quality photos, took them in the car, when the car is moving; and it rained a lot although the weather was cloudy and cooling - which totally sucks ]:

But oh well, it's still a nice scenery ain't it?

One of my favorites; took this near "Titiwangsa Point". We went up and down the mountains;
the air was really cooling, no pollution AT ALL. clouds, everywhere [:

And another one.

Along the way, villagers sell fruits. I don't really remember what's this called; but it tasted weird. It tasted like a combination of DURIAN and MANGO. ergh?

DURIAN-HOLICS out there, this is for YOU!

We drove through lots of villages, and they all look like this.

FINALLY, we've reached Rantau Panjang!
It took us a whole 4-5 hours. blehhhh;

Going pineapple!
The fruits are soooo darn cheap!
Mom and dad bought a lot. I think we have like 20-25 mangoes in the kitchen right now LOL.

Reached Kelantan!
our very first stop :D
People talk weird.
It took me so long to understand LOL.
But people were friendly [:

"Adek, dah-teng dar-ay mah-ne?"
(Adik, datang dari mana - kelantanstyled)
(Miss, where do you come from?)

The town area

Mom and sis buying KEROPOK!!!

Everyone sells fruits in the market.

AHA! Guess what are these?
Kelantan's Keropok Lekor!
This one goes out to Simon :D

Jewelry for sale.

end of part I.

Guys. I'll be leaving for Pulau Redang on a 930pm bus tomorrow!
I will continue to update about this short road trip thingy right after my Redang trip - didn't want to bore you guys with too many photos in ONE update.

I'll only be back home on Tuesday night.
Again, I will miss you guys but "someone" will be incharge of my blog here.
So DON'T FRET, you'll still hear from me although I'm away.



fuYO! said...

DURIAN and MANGO - it's call 'buah salad' here back in sarawak. :)

wah.. you really had a lot of fun dont you =) .. too bad i cant join u. Was busy with my assignments & other stuffs.. sorry. hehe

bubbly soda said...

hey enjoy ur redang trip and have a blessed journey! I will miss you!

Edward said...

I am from the Philippines and right now here in Saudi Arabia. We have similarities like fruits and climate only Malaysia is rich. You can add my blog if you like.
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*~AnnA~* said...

so songie~!! DURIANS! MY FAV!! *slurps slurps*

Sparks said...

ala that keropok lekor looks like gu gu ciao ciao lar... dowan! find me another one!

Minny said...

FUYO : wah buah salad! but it tasted weird ]: salad is better hehehe. awww no problem, u owe me a bak kut teh date now! haha.

MELLY : i will miss you too sista!

EDWARD : oh wow. what are u doing in saudi arabia?! have u visited malaysia?

ANNA : wahrao durianholic la u hahaha :D oh well at least for me durians are better than the 9 underwear story lol!!!

SPARKS : u ah =.= now let me think senget. wahahhahaha!!!! eeyer!! everytime i look at that pic, i think of something that u said. u ah!1 *KICKS U* take for u d, somemore dun wan blek. KL people are mean!

jimmychin said...

minny so enjoy this trip :P
tat Keropok Lekor cute leh..wakakakakaka....

Sparks said...

KL people are fussy, not mean.

jlshyang said...

Nothing beats Penangite's fussiness on food! LOL.

minny!! double jealousy!! Put me in your bag to redang!! Please please, i beg you!

Minny said...

*JIMMYCHIN : cute leh?! dont think senget ah! keropok lekor, IS keropok lekor. nothing else. haha

*SPARKS : okok KL people fussy :P bleks. cute what the keropok lekor, even jimmy says so!

*JLSHYANG : haha yahlo. penang people are super fussy :P and always complain. just like me ahhaha okok i will pack you but make sure you sit quietly inside my bag k!

jimmychin said...

minny, hahha... u think senget leh... i say cute only.. :P u buy to eat or not?

Sparks said...

Jimmy's right, ur senget!