Friday, May 04, 2007

the backdoor invasion


*knock knock*

*poke poke*


'guess dat minny is rly not ard now'

rite... so here i am! i'm symeon btw! hi everyone!!

this place is considered safe, for now! why safe? coz she away and well... with regards to her last entry, i think u know why lar... mz run far far if got chance hahaha =P

...but b4 tat, not w/o a few spammings of her blog wid mah peekchurs since after all, i learn frm her one...

hmmm... budden... wad pix shud i put?!?!... and wad shud i say?!?!

how bout settin' the atmosphere in the rite mood wid some music? ahhh... sorry i ran out of a proper stereo remote control, ini subs dengan air cond controller takper la... as long as it looks like one...

...and den, how bout a cup of coffee to get evyone into d rite spirit? wat say?! latte anyone?

...rite... need aso to comb my hair b4 i vent, gotta look good... minny's blog wei... don prey prey...

ahhh... ok ok set set... now time to talk crap!

now, most of us must have read abt her and her no-shadow-kick in the previous entry, and i had to warn all of u (lesson learnt - in the hard way), it's no simple kick, got shadow wan u know! and it hurts - the following conversation is frm d MSN which explains how many kicks i had to kena b4 i learned my lesson =(

1st kik - the kelantan trip
me: hv u seen d coconut tree? super TALL leh
min: yayaya got got got, by the beach one ;P
me: hahaha... dat one should take pic with it, den post up, hee ;P
me: no hidden meaning one... hahahahaha
min: wahaha... apa!!
min: =.=

2nd kik - with regards to posting entries on the trip
me: so ur trip is to Kuantan, then to KL, then to Genting, then to i also lupa liau ahahahaha, ur sis put terengganu and kelantan also
min: din go genting :'(
min: my sis 1 post nia siap d
min: i took so many pics, lmao
me: ahahaha, she is brief, hehe... precise and concise...
min: kickstart u to a childless life then u know
me: =(

3rd kik - the purposeless punya kik
me: u leaving on the 5th rite?
min: yup yup tmr, tmr la!!
min: not fifth
me: u taruk 5th in ur blog ahahaha
min: mana ada! where/!?
me: got ler, the redang island, u say 5th reach there
min: no ah, mana?!
me: copy&paste quote: 5th May. I'm coming, oh I'm comingggg. Christina, i'll see u there [:
min: oops, LOL, wrong la
me: (thinks to self) habis lar... kena tendang for syiok punya... -_-""

4th kik - another purposeless kik
min: post up ur muka in my blog
me: hahaha ?!?!?!?!? my muka?
min: and say things like u invaded my blog la blablabla
me: paiseh leh
min: things like that LOL yahla!! MUST
me: errr...
min: i dun care =.=

5th kik- maciam ini pun kik!
min: ur blog url so panjang n susah
me: ahahahahaha
min: aya wahaha
me: aler.... 3 letters extra from u oni hahaha :P
min: wahahaha blek
me: actually shorter, the rest are numbers lmao
min: =.=

6th, 7th and 8th kik - about my blog...
min: laparla..
me: hahaha, go my blog lor... hee
min: i hate u
me: enam kali liau wei
me: itu barang ascended until donno where liau lmao
min: wahahaaha good ma
min: u will miss me when i go to redang
min: nobody to kickstart u
min: LOL
me: hahahaha yeah yeah
me: woi nanti tak boleh turn lar woi!
min: lmao!!!

...d end result?! u see ladies and gentleman... purposeful aso kik, purposeless aso kik... =(
how to be man lidat? n yeah aaron, u definitely not alone =P

ok lar... i hope d entry can gua... =/ i now wanna sing 2d music liau...

byez people!! tks for reading!

NB: thanks minny for letting me into ur blog! i rly appreciate ur trust (esp after threatening me she wanna burn my house ahahaha) - not the kicks tho!

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the Dark one said...

hahaha..this one really cracks me up...