Tuesday, May 15, 2007



are you ready?

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it was the 2nd day at Redang [:
we got up at like 645 am; although we had only like, 4 hours of sleep

so-and-so : "wah why wake up so early?"
me : "to watch sunrise and take photos lah!"
so-and-so : "so nice meh?"
me : ......

super sleepy i tell you!

eyebags! eyebags!!!!!

no matter how tired or sleepy we are;
we can still vain!

it's coming.
it's comingggggg!!!!!

we waited, and waited...

minny's "gatal" hand.


just, wow!

i love this photo.

minny's "gatal" hands again.

my smile beats DARLIE and COLGATE ads.

when friends are made to last.
okay, my BIG butt ruined the photo.
lalalala.. lala!!!

a hammock story-lah. [:

pirated version of the Bold and the Beautiful. lol

anyway, my coughs* "quiksilver" pants cost only rm20!

anonymous : so cheap!
me : yah yah.
anonymous : where did you buy? surf, dive, and swim?
me : er.. no.
anonymous : but i thought that's your fav shop?
me : err.. ya.
anonymous : then?!
me : batu feringghi night market. ahaks! :D
anonymous : *faints*

okay okay.
here are decent photos [:

hahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhaaahaha *breathes*
*breathes* hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhaahahhahaaahhaa!!!!!!!!

i'm changing my blog layout soon.
this one is pissing me off ]:


JEN : ya!! not like penang's sea water. so .. milo and teh ais-ish lol

KAHPENG : aunty -.-

JOOSING : hehe u have to go! it's funnn really! [:

MATTLEON87 : can only qualify as a wannabe. *sobs. where are u now?

CHEEHSIEN : bkt u ah. i will BKT you!!!! haha don't listen to LOK!

KUE : hey!! aiyo. let me know next time okay?! I'll be like sooo glad to meet up with you! anyway i've linked you up [:

DANIELCTW : eh suddenly so sweet? hehe

CYNTHIA : eee. you should see MY writing lol! anyway, more photos of redang to come! just check back~

SYMEON : im more blur than you okay. I have like over 600 photos of redang here with me. i don't even know which to upload lol!!!

GWEN : hehe yay more pics now :) hugs* how are you?! huh? you mean you can't sign into myspace?!?!? that's just nasty ]: did your boyfriend fix the cabinet? hehe

SENGKIAT : hi sengkiat!!! i clicked on your link, but error ]:

LOK : *kicks u* shhh!! LOL woi!! hahaha apa ni. first tekken now my boobies? ahhahaa.

ANNA : huh?! i thought u're in KL :(

SHAZ : come for holiday! COME PENANG!!!!

KYLIEMC : hehe your nick was minny too? [: mine in highschool was longbeans hahaha. redang is fun! you should visit, then bring me along hehe

JOOTATT : where are u now? [: yay thanks!

PAPAJONEH : ahhahaha!! your son pandai also ho? block your eyes LOL

YINGJIE : it is cool! i miss it. like tons!

SMASHPOP : they did? no ah, how to move the whole more more tea building? lol.. i dont know lor :P

DRA : hehe no problem! thanks for coming by my place too. and good luck for your tests! u'll nail them! don't worry

THUMBELINA : wanna go again? invite me!!! haha

MELLY : me too! so long didnt mamak! where did you go huh?! i miss you so~ it's seems like forever since u've been gone (aiks. linkinpark pula) [:

ALYSHA : u're the pretty one - not me!! i'm linking you too! yay! hugs*


Aaron Chua said...

A bigger fry? LOL~
Not sure about that.

Look at your tagboard replies! Gosh!
And err, snorkeling is fun. lol~

vvens said...

omg. very very nice beach pictures! love the sunset! :)