Monday, May 14, 2007


the long awaited update

MOre TEA anyone? [:

lol look at me!


this one's specially taken for LOK [:
i look ew though haha

who's da man?
i'm da man!


ah boy, yee ting and gary.

the four vain pots.

and again!

model wanna-be. ME!

i totally put on weight during this trip.
blablabla. ]:

the silly things we girls do

i have like, the longest legs.
now u know why people call me LONG BEANS.

i love this photo [:
friends for life.

we're all sun burnt!

you HAVE to visit REDANG.

haahahaha something random while getting ready for dinner.

minny being minnie mouse!

off to karaoke, blackjack, uno, and poker session

our "gang" lol

uh huh hahahaha.

i want!

two china girls that we met on the trip
forgotten their names.

check back soon!!!
must see...!! all of my fav photos during this trip are coming up.


LOK : yes i am flat haha and here's your momo tea photo [: although i look a bit, sleepy but this is all i got! all natural lol! and shhh bout number 2!! oh yea u should trademark your minny bikini phrase!

SYMEON : LOK suggested the minny bikini thing lol

CHEEHSIEN : BKT! u lah. last night ate already. didn't wait for us. blek. where's my burger? aw, did you get anything for your mom?

PAPAJONEH : haha yup yup. FLAT minny.

JEN : ahha when did you go?! it was fun right!? i miss redang so much now

TUNGZ : I AM SO LINKING YOU! :D i'm fine, gaining my voice back! how are you?

AARON : adik perempuanku, it's minny's kickstart. of course sakit!

DANIELCTW : thank you. how did you celebrate mom's day?

PS : lazy bum la u. lol. let me know when u've updated!

MELLY : i say YAAA BOOH! ahha

DAPHNE : been to redang before?! more pics to come! check back hehe

MEL : march? weird. lol did you wish your mom?! i want topshop ]:

KOOLZ : hehe thank you!

HIKARU : happy mom's day to you too! lol

MATTLEON87 : thank you. from the heart it is! did you celebrate with your mom?

WIND : yups! hehe redang is fun. you should go! and hey, thanks for dropping by [:

SMASHPOP : of course cun la. got cun mum baru got cun daughter hahaha *perasan*

yah! gosh, you reminded me. i totally forgot about it.


jianbing said...

Hello long bean, how dare I forgot you oh. Haha. Thanks for dropping by again.

This time I'll make sure I bookmark your site so I won't forget to drop by again. Haa! :D


Aaron Chua said...

Your tagboard jialat! I have to scroll pages until I finally see my previous tag! LOL~
And I can't pack you if I'm visiting Redang. You're long! LOL~

Hui Sen said...

I swear it's a tradition to take a photo with that More Tea sign. I've seen it everywhere. Blogs, friendster profiles....

Minny said...

JIANBING : haha link me la! easy :D

AARON CHUA : u're becoming a bigger fly now lol look at those comments u're getting! i'm flexible ok. not that long ahha

HUI SEN : haha that;s true hey! thanks for droppin by though :D