Monday, May 28, 2007

Shaz got punk'd!

eeeyer. i've been away from the blogsphere for quite some time [:
SORRY. wasn't in the right mood, and
i didn't want to BLAST all my emo-licious stuff here. so yup!

ANYWAY, on Saturday, Shaz came down to Penang.
Yups, the oh-so-very-famous dude all the way from KL [:
And he got pranked by us Penang bloggers!
muahahaha *laughs evilly*

go to Erlynda's
(please hold down the shift key as u click)

page to read about what happened!
or Holyboy's page.

Thanks Charlie;
for helping us to prank! :D


All of us [:

Then I met up with Jasmine and Jason [:
Watched Pirates of The Carribean 3.
Not too bad!

went to Evergreen Laurel's Lounge.
Played pool and beat Jason FLAT!
hahahhaa :D


cHrIstInA_YY said...

aww... didn't ask me go >.<"

jimmychin said...

minny.. i wan go too... tat margarita sour or not? last time i drink margarita without alcohol one... sour si...