Sunday, April 01, 2007

minny loves ya'll.
nothing much this weekend.
it was mom's birthday on Friday; so we went to Seoul Garden.
i love you mommy!

And on Saturday,
went to meet up with some really nice people at Queensbay.
SmashpOp all the way from KL, Richard, Symeon, Koolz, Tungz, Eve.
pictures coming up soon right after this celebrity blogger SMASHPOP has blogged. lol.

went shopping for a lil while with Charlene, Yee En and sis.
i'm too lazy to update today.
can't be bothered.

a lot is on my mind.
what will u do when your heart and your mind tell you different things?
somebody, tell me? please.

you're the one that i need;
the one that i want.

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Sparks said...

uhh lovely, i joined blogspot and now i can leave mesages.. he he..