Friday, April 13, 2007

just wanna dedicate this to someone special (:
a great friend who lives miles away,
but seems so close at heart (:

thanks for always being there for me;
especially at weird hours when nobody is online,
or when nobody talks and when nobody listens.

thanks for caring. thanks for understanding.

thanks for teaching me spanish; although i can't remember anything.

thanks for listening to all my problems.
and making me laugh..

thanks for that song you wrote for me;
u're the very first.

thanks for teaching me not to lose hope;
to not fear.

thanks for always reminding me,
you're always there.

friends like you are hard to find.
thanks, for being an amazing friend.
i know we'll meet someday whether it's in Puerto Rico, Malaysia or Paris!
who knows (;

and oh, i want you guys to watch this video of him.
he totally rocks.

flip. run. turn. kick. errr, fly?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this guy is so dang cool. can be a action movie star d!! LOl...

thanks for birthday wishes... and dedicate ur msn display name for me =P

im coming bec july 22 ... let's go redbox that time LOL hahaz... cant stand singing infront of my comp d. hahahahaz