Monday, April 23, 2007

a MINI Saturday. [:

went to Queensbay with Jacob, Samantha, Emily, Sis, Charlene and Eu Sern.
It was a lonnnnngggg funnnn day.

But I only had a few hours of sleep the day before ]:
i look so.. "blur" lol

Here are the pics! ENJOY!

Samantha and Mini me!
FengY says I have mini eyes.
Do I??

Sister and me.

WongKok for brunch [:

The worst drink ever!
ewww!! DON'T ORDER.
it's called apple something something.


emily and me the weirdo ;p

Jacob and i.
i look.. sleepy? lol.

the girlssss.

time to pay!
lunch cost not more than RM50.
but LOL!

bumped into Charis right in front of Diva.
Pretty right? [:

we watched WILDHOGS!
omg, it's really funny :D
and I bumped into Christina!
visit her blog :

I bumped into Aaron too!
he's a really really nice guy!
his blog.
click here.

sat next to adik Eu Sern.
LOL. it's just fun messing with him during the movie!

then we head off to Gurney right after Jacob, Samantha and Emily left.

right picture : NACHO POSE!

i love this picture! LOL
so random.

bumped into Nicole and Andrew..
And Nicole's brother. (don't remember his name. oops?)
It was Andrew's birthday.



lil bro and me.

Left Gurney.
Met up with Yee Ern, KK, and AhBeh at McDonalds GreenLane.
played poker!!!

we're all vain.


Sasha said...

Hey! u're one hot GIRL!

Minny said...

aww. thanks. but u're WAY hotter!