Tuesday, April 24, 2007

tag board replies.

MEL : okok la. i'm still half a head shorter than you are [:

AVALONDEVIL : I added you the other day, but u didn't approve me. sobs.

CHEEHSIEN : haha must put "example" one ah? oops lol.

SCLEANG : hehe thanks, i love this song! but thinking of changing it; any suggestions?!

LOK : the lemon dish ah. it's in penang. haha u're the one who made yourself hungry! BLEK.

FENGY : wohhh. no wonder you said I have mini eyes :P I wish i'm mini; height-wise. anyway, sorry didn't reply you on msn. i was away that time

MEIQ : aww! thanks [: u're soooo sweet! I've voted for you. *hugs* But don't worry! you're gorgeous I know you'll be qualified for top10!

AARON : hehe only picture taken, but it's nice! right?

TRISHEY : thanks lovely! *hugs*

SMASHPOP : aboden [: this is penang you know. penang people are vain!

SYMEON : 23 ah? the Jim Carrey one ah? Looks nice! anyway, ginseng tea from Wongkok? I think ginseng taste-a-like powder la. lol. u ah, can become food expert d. your blog all about food 1. see pun hungy.

SAM : haha. i've been fine la. apart from snapping pics and stuff :D how are you?

PAPAJONEH : thankssss [: keep visiting la. everytime update, sure got pics for u to see one! LOL.

KOOLZ : come la! ur water gun so kecil. ahaha wei i think we should have a blogger's water gun competition. and you become the organizer la hahaha!!

GWEN : aww thanks [:

DANIELCTW : haha yah. gam yat hou sien ]: that's why I end up sleeping from 12noon to 630pm. lmao!!

KAHPENG : thanks kahpeng! one day must chia u makan d. so nice :D

AARON@AXIAL : cough*!!!! u don't know where' s Queensbay ka?! Have u been to Penang? do u even know penang exist? lol. haha i'm 172 ler. how tall are u?

MISCHIQUE : I've voted for youuuu pretty lady! :D

JEN : heyyy girl!! yups avril rocks!!!!!! yay!

p/s : minny has been dieting for 3 days;
but broke the law of dieting 3 times.


the Dark one said...


when i opened my msn theres nth...weird...

i'll add u...
gimme urs then :Þ

the Dark one said...

btw...i decided to link u up

something new to read....or see when i'm online..HAHAHAHA

hope u don't mind

Minny said...

ha? so weird one? ]: sobs.
my msn is authentic_min@hotmail.com

cepat cepat go add k
hehe xD