Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'm sooooo bored.
Totally nothing to do! and it's only 3pm!
talk about torture ]:

my maid fried this, and i realized that it's a
two yolked egg!
not really sure if it's edible,
because i heard eggs like this have
weird hormones;
but it's
already in my tummy!

and ohhh even my spongebob thanks you for voting :D

i have this huge craving suddenly.
it came out of no where, i'm sure you guys get it often too [:
it's like, u get omg so hungry all of a sudden,
and everything seem to appear as FOOD to you.
was talkin to Marx; he said "pop-ish kinda music" and i thought he said POPIAH.
talked to another friend on msn, he said ROTTING, i thought he said ROTI.

bak kut teh.
thou art so lovely.

anyone wants to bring me out?
i'm too bored.

Alicia will only be free after today ]:
Charmaine is working.
Jasmine is.. missing in action.
Oliver is chasing Fifi around KK town. LOL
Kah Peng is out in Gurney.
Christina went to QB without me.
Friends are out with their families.

all of you so mean one.
leave me all alone at home ..


Sparks said...

u owe me something, but i cant seem to remember what..

Minny said...

aiyok. wat ah?
i dont remember..
i'm getting old T.T

the Dark one said...

it happens to me too..tats why i kept on eating and eating, even though its 4 am i'll still go out and makan...

too bad i'm way over here in kl...
if not i'll be having bak kut teh with u alr...gehehehe...

jimmychin said...

yo~~~ i come here c minny.. u so pretty leh...

Darren said...

it's sponge bob!!bak kut teh is nice indeed

papajoneh said...

so, anyone brought you out for Bak Kut Teh? If no one, I can bring you out here. We have two if not three best places to have a good yummy, don't care how much price one, shop at Jalan Gaya. In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Kekekeke.
Damn, now, Im hungry. I just ate bread awhile ago. Kesian me. Kesian my family. LOL.

Minny said...

spongebob rocks!!! :D
like no otherrr.

jimmy : pai seh la u say me like that AIYO!!!

papajoneh : i'm going to sabah. for BKT. next flight. come pick me up