Tuesday, April 10, 2007

okay, i didn't and i don't curse.
i mean it.
but why the frustration?

seems like good news ain't it? (:
darn, IT'S in USM!
University of Science Malaysia.
And I got accepted in, well 50% there.

I'm really glad cuz USM is ranked 2nd in Malaysia at the moment.
And I'm qualified for it.

SO, why am I frustrated?

it's a test whereby all the qualified students who are applying for education/teaching degree should go to. Sort of like a confirmation thingy.
I thought we had to only go through ONE interview until I found out about this on a Sunday morning. I totally missed it. pfft*

I'm not upset or anything because I didn't want to take up this course.
I had to fill in 8 options in my application letter earlier last month; so I filled this in because I didn't have anything else to fill in. LOL.
I've never even wanted to be a teacher.
*rolls on floor laughing*

i'm just angry that I lost a chance;
that's all.

oh yeah, i'll only find out which University and course that I'm qualified for in late June.
Well, there's a fair chance that I won't get accepted but;
I know
God has a plan for me,
and He's opening many more windows and doors of opportunity.
& the same goes for YOU.

just gotta trust Him.

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cHrIstInA_YY said...

woo... USM... congratz... it's very near 2 my place hehe