Wednesday, April 11, 2007

aussie 2004.

I MISS ...
(PART 1)

i was going through my old pictures.
and i stumbled upon a folder labeled "Aussie2004"
time sure flies; it's been 3 years since I left Melbourne.

I can still remember the last day I was there,
the golden leaves that I stepped on,
the soothing winds of autumn blowing through my hair.
I miss Samantha - our never ending shopping spree in the city.
I miss Desmond. (okay, not Desmond NEOH) but another Desmond. :P
I miss that little BeiJing House in BoxHill that serves amazing peking duck.

here's a few photos of aust.
i have a lot more in the CD - but i misplaced it.
i posted most of them up in my old blog, if any of you could remember.

6 hours plane ride.

This is ST.KILDA.
spent most of my days here (:
well, besides shopping in Doncaster;
and Swanston St.
omg, i miss shopping at SUPRE!

there's actually a street with ZILLIONS of bakeries.
and they all look like THIS!

Aust cousin and me.
she's getting married in August to a German (:
so, I might be going to BERLIN - FRANCE - ROME - LONDON.
wooohooo :D

OKAY, i look fat and weird.
so what? ahhahaa
i was only.. 17.

i miss grandpa.
a lot.

i don't remember the winery's name.
but the view's breathtaking huh?


i miss my cousins!

i miss the people.
i miss just about everything.

but i don't miss looking like that =.=

still have a lot more to come.
a lot more "i miss" to come.
this is only PART 1 of it.


Sparks said...

fuuuuu yooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrr!... ok im kinda forced here to read this entry.. whoaaaaaaaaaaaa fuuuu yorrrrrrr!

kahpeng said...

wah last time u and now is totally different...keke ...keng :P