Thursday, April 12, 2007

this is a NON-ROTTING day for me (:
went to Megamall Prai with Charmaine and sis.

thanks Char, for accompanying me.
I was rather emo.

bleh; anyway,
there's a bridal fair going on.

spot anything similar?

i look 10 years older.

MCD for late lunch.
that's my sisters.

dum dum dum*
guess what we saw?!?

and he's talking to RONALD MCDONALD.
hahaha omg. so funny k.
ewww and we were sitting just next to the glass partition.

then we watched TMNT.
i wish Leonardo is real.
seriously (:
*cowabunga*!! lol

haha oh, that's my sister by the way!

went MAMAK.
had roti ice cream :D

TRUE friends are hard to find.

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