Saturday, April 28, 2007


ahhhh; the wonders of PhotoShop [:
anyway, that's not the point of me updating.

I want to genuinely thank everyone who voted for me!
xie xie.
terima kasih.
thank you.


MINNY THE "KIA-SU" queen is in!
now I have to impress the judges?
I'm soooo bad at impressing people;
I always give off bad first impressions.
I'm doomed.

okay, someone sent me this on friendster.
I was puzzled.
so i asked what does "this is how i remember u, min min" means.

and this is what i got.
did i really change? if so, better? or worse?

I can tell you one thing, people don't change. BUT feelings and thoughts do change. we're born with our compulsive nature of protecting ourselves that leads us to do things that might hurt people dear to us; without actually knowing it. I've never changed, neither do you or your neighbor or your cat or your dog. It's just we've swifted our perspectives and point of views to another angle.

For us, we're still who we are. We're born to be who we are. [eh, I sound so philosophical suddenly] Our character and personality remain the same throughout the years of our lives.

So, if someone were to ask you, "WHY DID YOU CHANGE?"
you should ask them back "WHY DIDN'T YOU KEEP UP?"

that's the way it is.
we grow up, and our thoughts change.
our minds,
even our hormones for goodness sake CHANGE.

that means; shopping!


jimmychin said...

congratulations, minny.. hehe...
top 3 lengloi... :P

Wan Yean said...

congratulations!! now just a tiny step before you become the HOTTEST females blogger! :)

bubbly soda said...

what you said is right. we change all the time for better or worst. Only those that love you enough will care enough to keep up.


the Dark one said...

i agree totally o queen of HOttest Blogger..

ppl change thruout the stage of growing up..some physically, and mentally, but either tat, it doesn't mean tat its not the same person u 1st knew (like tat fren of urs said..) its still the same,keeping up is one thing, but does changes even matter to others, i can understd if the changes is negative in some way and the rite thing to do is to advice...

shit i'm crapping...

wait wait..lemme touch u


ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH [runnin to the swimming pool]

papajoneh said...

congrats on being the top 3 HFB. You could have won if u have bribe them with BKT. LOL. Just kidding. You still the top 3, chosen by others and you should be proud of that. all the best girl. ;)

Minny said...

jimmychin : thank u hehe [:

wan yean : hahaha. i didn't win though but thank youuuu

melly : thanks hun!! u're so sweet! and yup, sometimes it's not us, it's them.

the dark one : yup! i'm glad you agree with me. kick u into the swimming pool then u know lol

papajoneh : thank you! yahlor i should've bribed them with bkt :( sad only! since i'm sad, u need to belanja me bkt right?