Monday, April 16, 2007

elicia's wedding dinner (Malaysia)
here, as i promised!

being vain.
sis & me

the dinner was in Cititel Penang.
she's already married on March the 17th in Aust.

elicia and me.
childhood frienddd!!
wahyor, means im getting married soon too?


family portrait.
i look weird but blehhhh.

aww. sis and mommy.

me fav!

me after a few sips of me fav!

wedding souvenir.

uncle kwok, aunt lilian and me.
i sure look wasted, don't i? :P

sis and me.

table piccccha.

elicia's dad, husband, mom and father in law.
with my parents

p/s : today's weather is soooo darn hot.

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