Wednesday, April 25, 2007

top10 HFBA

good bye old layout.
i will miss you. tsssk.
well, i just switched from a black blog layout to a white one.
i'm not used to it just yet.
but tell me, what do u think?

what's this about? [:
i got through TOP10;
Hottest Female Blogger Award.
thanks to you guys who voted for me.

especially Kah Peng,
who dedicated a post on his blog for me.
go see!

i loveee this banner, sooo cute!
got Cedric's monkey wearin red underwear somemore

check out
for more yea?
921 votes, thanks you guys.


Cedric said...

Congrats congrats! There are still 2 more rounds to go, so girl, you better survive! :D

Minny said...

still awake? LOL.
thank uuuuu [:
i hope can survive until top5 ler.
but if not, im happy enough!