Thursday, April 05, 2007


i know this may came in late;
but i wanna dedicate this post to Elisha.
congratulations! (:
u make a gorgeous bride.

time sure flies
i still remember the first day we became friends!
it was back in 1999. lol i was so young,
and you were so HIP.
we're always together doing things, you, me and June.
Always dancing and singing in church.

And then, a few years later June and her whole family moved to Perth.
After a while, so did you.
It was pretty hard seeing you guys leave!

We're now OLD. in other words; growing up fast. LOL.
June's 21, I'm 20 and you're 24.

I'm so happy for you Elish! Can't wait to attend your Malaysian wedding!
You'll look absolutely breathtaking I'm sure.

p/s : jealousla, didn't get to attend your wedding in Aust!
and you both look really good together.


June and me chatted about getting married;
we both wish to get married at your age.
hahaha OMG.

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